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494 Watch where you step


Mattiyahu 7:13-23


SYNOPSIS: The message of the bible is very simple if you know how to actively listen. There are many roads one can travel to get from one place to another in this world, but there is only one road that leads to heaven. The sad fact of this matter by Messiah own words is; only a few find it. Are you one of the few? If you are not can you change the course you are on? This message will focus on a Gentile in the bible who actually spoke with Elohim. We will look and see what he did correct and what his undoing was.


SECTION 1: FOLLOW THE COURSE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. There are many different churches with different theological stances on the word of Yehovah. Are any of them correct, are none of them correct? Can only one be right? Is there only one narrow road that leads to the pearly gates? In section one we will discover what the size of the largest pearl ever found is and how that applies to the course of righteousness.


SECTION 2: THE FOOT GETS CRUSHED. Everyone has feet. Everyone walks their own walk with Yehovah. Nobody can walk your walk. What can be done before you start walking your own path is to study those who went before you. Many sports players know that once they get a serious foot injury their career will soon come to an end. For if you lose that edge at the professional level you have to work that much harder and…smarter to win. The question we will be asked in the section is, are you about to get a foot injury that will end your eternal career?  


Mattiyahu 7:13-23

Mat 7:13  "Go in through the narrow gate; for the gate that leads to destruction is wide and the road broad, and many travel it;

Mat 7:14  but it is a narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it.


Narrow - G4728 στενός stenos narrow (from obstacles standing close about): - strait.


Wide - G2149 εὐρύχωρος euruchōros Thayer Definition: 1) spacious, broad


Destruction G684 ἀπώλεια apōleia Thayer Definition: 1) destroying, utter destruction, vessels 2) a perishing, ruin 3) of money 4) the destruction which consists of eternal misery in hell


Mat 7:21

Mat 7:22 

Mat 7:23

Lawlessness G458  ἀνομία  anomia  an-om-ee'-ah  illegality, that is, violation of law or (generally) wickedness: - iniquity, X transgress (-ion of) the law, unrighteousness.

Mat 7:13-14


Mishlei 8:13-21

Pro 8:20  I follow the course of righteousness along the paths of justice,


Justice H4941  משׁפּט  mishpâṭ BDB Definition: 1) judgment, justice, ordinance 2) act of deciding a case 3) place, court, seat of judgment 4) process, procedure, litigation (before judges) 5) sentence, decision (of judgment) 6) execution (of judgment) 7) ordinance 8) decision (in law) 9) right, privilege, due (legal) 10) proper, fitting, measure, fitness, custom, manner, plan


Pro 8:17

Pro 8:13

Duplicitous H8419 תּהפּכה  tahpûkâh BDB Definition: perversity, perverse thing

Pro 8:20-21


Rev 21:10-21

Rev 21:21  The twelve gates were twelve pearls, with each gate made of a single pearl. The city's main street was pure gold, transparent as glass


The Pearl of Lao Tzu is the largest known pearl in the world. The pearl was found in the Palawan sea, which surrounds the island of Palawan in the Philippines, and was found by a Filipino diver. It is not considered a gemstone pearl, but is instead what is known as a "clam pearl" or "Tridacna pearl" from a giant clam. It measures 24 centimeters in diameter (9.45 inches) and weighs 6.4 kilograms (14.1 lb).


Rev 21:12


D’vareem 6:3-9

Deu 6:3  Therefore listen, Isra'el, and take care to obey, so that things will go well with you, and so that you will increase greatly, as Adonai, the God of your ancestors, promised you by giving you a land flowing with milk and honey.


Take care / careful H8104  שׁמר  shâmar  BDB Definition: 1) to keep, guard, observe, give heed 2) have charge of  3) protect, save life 4) observe 5) retain, treasure up (in memory) 7) to observe, celebrate, keep (Sabbath or covenant or commands), perform (vow) 8) pay heed


Deu 6:4

Deu 6:5 

Deu 6:7

Teach H8150 שׁנן  shânan  BDB Definition: 1) to sharpen 2) to be pierced

Deu 6:9


D’vareem 5:29(26)-33(30)

Deu 5:29  (5:26) Oh, how I wish their hearts would stay like this always, that they would fear me and obey all my mitzvot; so that it would go well with them and their children forever.


Deu 5:32

Deu 5:33


D’vareem 5:6-11

Deu 5:6  א " 'I am Adonai your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, where you lived as slaves.


D’vareem 5:12-15

Deu 5:12  ד " 'Observe the day of Shabbat, to set it apart as holy, as Adonai your God ordered you to do.


Sh’mot 14:23-29

Exo 14:29  But the people of Isra'el walked on dry ground in the sea, with the water walled up for them on their right and on their left.


Exo 14:23


Mishlei 4:23-27

Pro 4:23  Above everything else, guard your heart; for it is the source of life's consequences.


Pro 4:26-27




B’midbar 22:1-20

Num 22:5  He sent messengers to Bil`am the son of B`or, at P'tor by the [Euphrates] River in his native land, to tell him, "Listen, a people has come out of Egypt, spread over all the land and settled down next to me.

Num 22:6  Therefore, please come, and curse this people for me, because they are stronger than I am. Maybe I will be able to strike them down and drive them out of the land, for I know that whomever you bless is in fact blessed, and whomever you curse is in fact cursed."


Num 22:7 

Num 22:8-9

Num 22:13

Yehovah H3068  יהוה  yehôvâh  BDB Definition: Yehovah = “the existing One”

Num 22:14

Num 22:15 -17

Num 22:18 

Num 22:19-20


B’midbar 22:21-35

Num 22:22  But God's anger flared up because he went, and the angel of Adonai stationed himself on the path to bar his way. He was riding on his donkey, and his two servants were with him.

Num 22:23  The donkey saw the angel of Adonai standing on the road, drawn sword in hand; so the donkey turned off the road into the field; and Bil`am had to beat the donkey to get it back on the road.


Num 22:23

Num 22:24-25


Deu 28:13-14


Deu 28:35 

(Psa 119:105)


Lev 8:22-23


Num 22:24-25

Num 22:26-27

Lay down is the word H7257 רבץ  râbats  BDB Definition: to stretch oneself out, lie down, lie stretched out

Num 22:28 

Num 22:30-31

Num 22:32-33

Num 22:35 


Luke 4:1-13

Luk 4:2  for forty days of testing by the Adversary. During that time he ate nothing, and afterwards he was hungry.


Luk 4:3-4

Luk 4:5-8

Luk 4:9-12


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