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645 One Set Of Rules For All 2 “The Big Picture”


SYNOPSIS: There was so much to discuss in message 644 one set of rules for all, Yehovah said here is part two. In this Shabbat teaching we are going to look at how to have proper biblical discernment. Especially when it comes to definitions in the Greek and in the Hebrew. We are once again look at the great Messianic Commission given by Yeshua to those Jewish men. We are going to look at King Shlomo and how he asked for wisdom. How that wisdom when the flame dies down turned to sin. How that sin was feeding on wind and that will not fill you up. We are going to look at what Shlomo says in the end. We’re going to look at sheep and fish and the life of Kefa who was not to bright sometimes. Get your paper and pencils ready for a deep, deep Shabbat message “The Big Picture”

THEME 1: TEACH THEM ABOUT TORAH LOOKING AT THE DIAMOND. B’midbar (Num) 29:18-19 Yehovah Elohim does not change. Mattiyahu 28:18-20 Discernment of what a talmid really is and why. Yochanan (John) 3:3-21 Discernment light vs darkness how will I know the truth. Sh’mot 12:43-49 one law for all who follow Yeshua. Yochanan (John) 3:20-21. Mattiyahu 28:19-20. Yochanan (Jn) 10:16 another flock not of Israel. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 49:5-6 Spread the truth of Torah and Yeshua to the nations. Yochanan (Jn) 21:1-17 Feed My lambs what since the NT was not written yet

THEME 2: KEEP THE FIRE BURNING OR IT LEADS TO DESTRUCTION. 2Chronicals 1:7-12 Shlomo starts out good and on fire. 1 Kings 4:30-34 Nobody had this wisdom. D’varim (Deut) 17:18-20 Write a copy. D’varim (Deut) 17:17 not many wives. 1 Kings 11:1-5 King should not have many wives I think he broke this one. Kohelet (Ecc) 1:16-18 feeding on wind. Kohelet (Ecc) 12:13-14 Final conclusion

THEME 3 THERE SHOULD BE NO COMPROMISING AT ALL. Mattiyahu 28:18-20 Discernment of what a talmid really is “This is not feeding on wind”. Acts 2:1-11 fulfilling the great commission preaching the truth to Jew and Gentile. Acts 5:1-5 still have the original Shlomo heart and following Yeshua commandment. Acts 10:9-16 Passing the test but forgetting the great commission and Yeshua words or another penfold. Acts 10:10-28 Passing the test but forgetting the great commission and Yeshua words or another penfold. Mattiyahu (Mat) 15:15-16 don’t you get it Kefa?. Acts 15:1-21 Is Torah and the perfect commandments of AV Yehovah and obstacle I guess you wont be at Pesach. 2 Kefa (Peter) 3:15-18 don’t distort the truth for what is being human all about. Mattiyahu 28:19-20

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SYNOPSIS: Is there a different set of rules for the Jew then that of the Gentile to God? What would Messiah Yeshua say? In this Holy Shabbat teaching we are going to look deep into the final words of Yeshua. We are going to look deep into the Greek to get a much greater understand of the Brit HaDasha. So get your paper, pencil, and a lot of paper ready. Fro we are going to see if there truly is or is not one set of rules for the Jew. And a completely different set or rules for the  NT Goyim.

THEME 1: ALL AUTHORITY HAS BEEN GIVEN. A look at the “Great Commission” through the proper Messianic Torah observant biblical eyes. Mattiyahu (Mat) 28:18-20 Immerse them into reality, Mattiyahu (Mat) 5:48, D’varim (Deut) 5:7-21 is this perfection, Mattiyahu (Mat) 28:19-20 Go…Immerse them into reality. B’midbar 6:22-27 the reality of having His name on you. B’midbar (Num) 5:14 the law of jealousy . B’midbar (Num) 6:21 one who is totally separated from the world and its ways. B’midbar (Num) 6:26-27 getting His face to shine in a positive way. Mattiyahu (Mat) 28:19-20

THEME 2: LET ME ASK A QUESTION WHAT ONE ARE YOU, WHEAT OR TARE? Mattiyahu (Mat) 13:24-43 they both grow together but one goes into the fire. Mattiyahu (Mat) 28:19-20, Mattiyahu (Mat) 13:24-43, Mattiyahu (Mat) 28:18-20 Go transfer this information of perfect truth for the earth is now owned by the King of the Jews, Romans 11:13-22 You are part now act like you belong to Yeshua’s family

THEME 3: YEHOVAH ONLY HAS ONE SET OF SCALES FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD. D’varim (Deut) 25:13-14 Go make talmidim of the Goyim for Yehovah does not have two sets of scales. Vayikra (Lev) 19:35-36 Go make talmidim of the Goyim for Yehovah uses an honest scale for both Jew and Gentile one standard Mishal (Pro) 20:10-11 Go make talmidim of the Goyim for Yeshua detests when the Goyim are eating satan seeds

THEME 4: SAME STANDARD FOR ALL UNDER YESHUA’S AUTHORITY Mattiyahu (Mat) 28:18. Vayikra (Lev) 24:22 same standard of judgment applies to who. B’midbar (Num) 15:14-16 Same Standard for we under Yeshua’s authority Revelation20:12

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643 The Art of War 3 – Your Equipment “Know your equipment do not compromise it”

SYNOPSIS: The Art of War part 3 is all about the mind for it is the most powerful tool. Without a mind set on holiness all the guns and amo you have will be of no use. You say I don’t care I will be dead. No you fool death is but a doorway to the next life. And it is real. We will be going over in this Shabbat teaching how people compromise the word. Instead of standing strong and firm on the commandments. Don’t miss a moment of this exciting scripture filled message about the Art of War.

THEME 1: NEVER WORK ALONE. In war it is not good to work alone. Actually one of the best ways in a team of three. Learn the understanding of the team of three and the 613 step ladder. Mark 6:7 Art of war 3 – never work alone. Kohelet (Ecc) 4:9-12 Art of war 3 – United we stand divided we fall. D’varim (Deut) 25:13 Mishal (Prov) 11:1. Kohelet (Ecc) 4:12

THEME 2 THE ART OF WAR – EQUIPMENT, YOUR MIND IS IT IN UNION. Ephesians 6:1-18 The Art of War 3 – in union with the commander. Romans 12:1-2 The Art of War 3 – mind equipment “The users Manuel”. Romans 1:26-27 renovate from this type of worldly thinking. Romans 12:1-2 The Art of War 3 – mind equipment “The users Manuel” . Colossians 3:1-6 The Art of War 3 – Mind Equipment “Focus your mind above” Ephesians 6. Luke 11:23-28 The Art of War 3 – transform your home with new heavenly equipment. Ephesians 6. Mishal (Proverbs) 6:23-24 Art of War 3 – Lord’s kind of discipline. Mishal (Proverbs) 12:1. Ephesians 6. B’resheet (Gen) 2:2-3 The Art of War 3 – work. Ephesians 6. Ephesians 4:14. 1 Yochanan 2:24-25 The Art of War – learn how the enemy deceives people. Ephesians 6. Philippians 4. B’resheet (Gen) 19:9-10 Art of War 3 – stand against the world. Ephesians 6. Proverbs 28:9-10 the art of war 3 – prayer and leading to victory

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642 The Art of War – Study the enemy

SYNOPSIS: This is the second of a series of three message dealing with the Art of War. In this Shabbat teaching we are going to study the enemy. Before going to war one most know if there is any chance of survival. Not only survival but winning. We are going to start this teaching off with Yeshua Messiah saying be as shrewd as the serpent. What does Yeshua the Jewish Messiah mean by telling us be like the devil? That cannot be correct, can it? To win we must gather information. To win we must be better than the evil one. We will learn the keys to The Art of War our enemy in this teaching.

THEME 1: THE ART OF WAR - ESTABLISH THE BATTLE FIELD. The first theme of the Shabbat teaching is field recognizance. Spying on your enemy to see strength and weakness. Mattiyahu (Mat) 10:16 There are 6 lessons  in this verse about the art of war. Mattiyahu (Mat) 10:24-28 The Art of War – Be like the commanding officer. Luke 14:31-33 The Art of war – Study your enemy. How large is his force. Vayikra (Lev) 19:27. D’varim (Deut) 20:1-9 The Art of War – study your enemy don’t be afraid of him. Rev 21:8. D’varim (Deut) 20:8. 1 Sh’mu’el (Sam) 17:38-52 The Art of War not the size but the skill…and trust. D’varim (Deut) 20:1-8. Eph 6:12. B’midbar (Num) 13:17-21 The Art of War Study the Enemy. Y’hoshua and Kalev and the 10 spies…Reconnaissance

THEME 2: THE ATTRIBUTES OF THE enemy. B’resheet (Gen) 3:1 The Art of war – the devil is crafty. Mattiyahu (Mat) 10:16. B’resheet (Gen) 3:1. Acts 10:9-16 The crafty evil one has tricked the gentile church. Ya’akov (James) 1:13. Mattiyahu (Mat) 4:8-10 offers immediate gratification. Yochanan 8:44, 19:30. Mattiyahu 5:18-19 The Art of War – knowing the truth. Mattiyahu (Mat) 12:48-50 the art of war – the law is for anyone who wants to be a brother or sister to Yeshua Messiah. Ya’akov (James) 4:7-8 The Art of war taking a stand against double mindedness .1 Kefa 5:6-8 The Art of war – stay sober the enemy is waiting for an opportunity to strike

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641 The Art of War - War for your soul “Letting the enemy in the camp”

SYNOPSIS: The Art of War is needed for the decadent times we are living in. In today’s Shabbat teaching we are going to take one of the lessons from the Art of War and apply it skillfully to the word. Once we learn this single principle we will be better equipped for what lies ahead of us. Did you ever wonder why Yeshua talks about the strong man getting tied up? How does the one with all the weapons at his disposal get tried up? Tied up by a much weaker and less skilled enemy…how? We will learn about “Dory” and much more in the Art of War – war for your soul, ”letting the enemy in the camp”.

THEME 1 ART OF WAR- KNOWING THERE IS A WAR FOR YOUR SOUL. Most people do not believe satan is real so he has won their souls already. Other believe you can just say I am covered in the blood. That also is a lie from the evil one. In section one we will look at the battlefield map for your soul. Mattiyahu (Mat) 10:21-28 Art of war – knowing you have an eternal soul. B’resheet (Gen) 3:14. Job 1:17. Mattiyahu (Mat) 12:29-31 Art of war – war for your soul for the word…all of it. Mattiyahu (Mat) 12:48-50 Art of war – war for your soul. Who is on my platoon . 1 CORINTHIANS 13:1-13 The Art of War – war for your soul. You can have all these gifts but it has no effect on satan. Yochnan (Jn) 14:15. Mattiyahu (Mat) 12:29-30

THEME 2: ART OF WAR – WAR FOR YOUR SOUL. SEPARATION  FOR THE PAGANS BEGINS THE TRAINING. 1 Kefa (Peter) 2:3-5 Art of War – war for your soul A separate single condominium of holiness. 1 Yochanan (Jn) 5:19-21 Art of War – war for your soul. The world lies in the power of the evil one. Mattiyahu 12:44-45  worse off than when they came in for you don’t know the Art of War. Vayikra (Lev) 26:1-12 Art of War – war for your soul. Discernment. 2 Corinthians 6:15-16 The Art of War – war for your soul. No Harmony with them. Acts 15:28-29 they let satan into the camp. D’varim (Deut) 23:12-14 Art of War – war for your soul. He will hand your enemies over to you, if He walks among you

THEME 3: ONCE YOU QUESTION THE VALIDITY OF THE WORD THE COMMANDMENTS THE ENEMY IS IN YOUR CAMP. B’resheet (Gen) 3:1-6 Art of War – war for your soul. Not letting satan into your condo. Mattiyahu (Mat) 10:28


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640 signs of the covenant

SYNOPSIS: What is a covenant? What is a biblical sign? How do you show that you are really a follower of Messiah and of His Father? In this Shabbat teaching we are going to be looking at covenants. We are going to be studying personal covenants and community covenants. We are going to look at friendship covenants. Most of all we are going to look at signs of the covenant that each person who desires to get into  heaven should observe.

THEME 1: ESTABLISHMENT FOR THE BASIS OF BG. We are going to look at four scriptures in the initial part of the teaching. Four scriptures that show beyond a shadow of a doubt. That God is always the same. God does not change. The sign of the new world. And there is nothing new under the sun. The covenant has not been changed or dismantled. Hebrews 13 the same always. MAT 5:18 does not change. Yesha’yahu (ISA) 66 STILL DOING SHABBAT. Koholet (ECC) 1:9 NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN

THEME 2: WHAT IS A COVENANT: B’resheet (Gen) 6:9-18 LOFR for the word covenant. B’resheet 21:22-33 Avraham's Covenant With Avimelekh. Y’hoshua (Joshua) 25:15-27 A covenant between the people and Yehovah. 1 Sam18:1-4 David & Jonathan's Covenant Of Friendship

THEME 3: EXAMPLES OF COVENANTS BETWEEN YEHOVAH & INDIVIDUALS. B’midbar (Num) 25:1-13 the personal covenant of Shalom for standing up for the commandments. B’resheet (Gen) 17:1-7 separation and now trust gets a personal covenant. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 42:1-7 a light to am and goyim. Daniel 9:26-27 after 1260 days. D’varim (Deut) 28:1-15 the personal covenant of amazing blessing and curses and it all starts with wholeheartedness

THEME 4: SIGNS OF THE COVENANT YEHOVAH LOOKS FOR IN YOUR LIFE. B’resheet (Gen) 17:10-14 CIRCUMCISION. Sh’mot (Ex) 12:12-14 THE BLOOD Sh’mot (Ex) 31:16-17 The Shabbat. D’varim (Deut) 6:6-9 DOOR / GATES. Vayikra (Lev) 23:1-4 HOLY DAYS. B’resheet (Gen) 1:14. D’varim (Deut) 11:18. Mattiyahu (Mat) 28:19-20 teaching them to obey every sign

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639 “Walk it backwards” - The reason we lost the Lion’s heart

SYNOPSIS: In this teaching we are going to start with the end result. Then “walk it” backwards. What does “walk it” backwards mean? Things don’t happen overnight, except for the flood. You can’t prove that smoking one cigarette will cause cancer. But, what is proven that prolonged use of cigarettes does cause cancer. Now with that example we are going to take a look at the city Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation. In chapter 11 we see two prophets speaking against the world. The two prophets speak God’s word the Torah for a considerable amount of time. At the appointed time Yehovah will allow them to be murdered by the evil ones. The reason He allows them to be murdered in that city at that time is, the “spiritual condition, is "S'dom" and "Egypt". We are going to explore this reference. Then we are going to “walk it” backwards to see how smoking one cigarette has now turned into three packs a day habit and has caused spiritual heart and brain cancer. This type of cancer is fatal and leads to death and destruction. For most people do not want to listen to truth they much prefer ear sin and physical sin to solid straight between the eyes truth.

THEME 1: S’DOM & EGYPT: A detailed look into Revelation 11:1-12. How do they become like S’dom & Egypt. What is the keys to not falling into this trap? Revelation 11:1-12They hate the ones who speak biblical truth. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 1:16-21 To tell the people come back. Rev 11:3-5. B’midbar (Num) 26:9-10 LOFR fire and mouth. Rev 11:5, 6. B’resheet (Gen) 41:27-31 No rain for 7 years. Sh’mot (Ex) 7:17, 8:16. Rev 11:6-7, 10. Ester 9:16-19 Rejoice over defeat of enemies. Rev 11:3-6, 10, 7-8. B’resheet (Gen) 19:1-11 People who need to feed their flesh. Rev. 11:8

THEME 2: TICKLE MY EARS. “Walk it backwards” 2Timithy 4:1-4 why they became like S’dom & Egypt. Sh’mot (EX) 34:6-7 Yehovah and His perfect word is truth. Mishal (Prov) 22:28. D’varim (Deut) 19:14. B’resheet (Gen) 2:3

THEME 3: PASSION AND DESIRE “Walk it backwards”. Mattiyahu (Mat) 5:8 B’resheet (Gen) 6:5. Rev 11:8

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SYNOPSIS: this is a teaching for those who want go deep with the King of kings. This is a message where if you snooze you will not follow the path. This teaching is about why it took 19 years to recapture Jerusalem. We are going to discover the man holding the Key of David who is dressed in white. This man who guided the modern day IDF to the Father’s house. We are going to learn about right of redemption. We are going to take a look at Gimatria and the number 19. This teaching will be a true armament to all and a true testament of why we need to follow all the Torah. This is all about knowing who you are and how to get back home. And to live in safety.

THEME 1 WHO  IS THE OWNER OF THE HOUSE. Sh’mot (Ex) 25:8-9 Copy . Hebrews 8:4-5 the copy. Yochanan (Jn) 2:13-17 In My Father’s house. Revelation 22:12-13 It is not Alpha and Omega Yeshua is a Jew speaking to Jews. They we speaking Hebrew and not Aramaic. Here is proof Aleph & Tav. B’resheet (Gen) 1:1. Rev 22:12-13. Yochanan (Jn) 14:1-7 return right of redemption. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 9:6 dominion, 7:14. Vayikra (Lev)25:24 right of redemption. Luke 20:14-16 the three NOs the nineteen years

THEME 2: NOTHING IS SET IN STONE ACCEPT THE HOLY DAYS. Vayikra (Lev) 23:5-6, 24-27, 34. Mattiyahu (Mat) 24:34-39 only the Father does. B’resheet (Gen) 5:30. B’resheet (Gen) 7:4-6 in the 600th year. B’resheet 18:23-32 when the number drops below ten then chastisement happens . Yesha’yahu (Isa) 38:1-6 I have heard your prayers and since you follow I will bless you

THEME 3: THE NUMBER 19. Y’hoshua (Jos) 19:38-39 Inheritance

THEME 4: I HAVE WAITED 19 YEARS TO GIVE THIS KEY TO YOU. Vayikra (Lev) Parash 30 Kedoshim 19:1-20:27. Dan 7:9. Vayikra (Lev) 25:24, 13





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