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693 What happens if there is a Famine of the Torah of life and no dedication to those HIS words

SYNOPSIS: What happens when there is a famine of the Torah of life? The one that Yeshua live by. What happens when there is no dedication to the word of Elohim? In this HaShabbat lesson we are going to look at the Amos, Revelation mystery connection. For once you know the biblical truth about famine of the word. The truth will set you free.

LESSON 1: FAMINE OF THE WORD…HOW DOES IT GET THIS WAY? Revelation 11:1-12 The nations rejoice, but why? We will look at each verse with a lot of biblical definitions

LESSON 2: not a famine of bread or a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of Yehovah. Amos 8:11. Amos 8:1-12 A famine of the word (each verse). Yesha’yahu (Isa) 1:15-19 stop doing evil. Amos 8:10,11-12. A modern day parable “The $500 computer monitor”. Amos 2:4-8 Yehovah does nothing in secret…the warning (each verse). Amos 8:11-12, Rev 11:10

LESSON 3 DEDICATION OF YOUR LIVES. Sh’mot (Ex) 32:23-29 Consecration, Dedication choosing to stand for Elohim. Vayikra (Lev) 22:3-4 Dedication to being clean to eat at Yeshua’s table. 1 Kefa (Pt) 2:1-5 Dedicate your spiritual house…be like a newborn baby. Yochanan (Jn) 3:1-6 You must dedicate your spiritual house. Mattiyahu (Mat) 28:19-20 He sends out the truth so there won’t be a famine of the word. So teach them how to dedicate their lives FULLY!

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692 A true Acts 15 understanding

 SYNOPSIS: Part 2 sort of from last week’s HaShabbat lesson. This lesson will have three lessons leading up to the true biblical understanding of the Book of Acts Chapter 15. The key to these lessons leading to chapter 15 is; what is hypocrisy? What are hypocrites? Were they? Is Yeshua? What did He say about Act 15? You will see The Messiah said plenty about them. Don’t miss a moment of this transforming HaShabbat lesson!!!

LESSON 1: ESTABLISH THE FOUNDATION. Yochanan (Jn) 10:30 what does it mean to be one. Mattiyahu 5:18 Not one word will change, 100% agreement

LESSON 2: HYPOCRITES & HYPOCRISY. Mattiyahu (Mat) 15:1-20 Hypocrites honor Yehovah with only their lips and not actions. Definition of HYPOCRISY - The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform. Definition of a HYPOCRITE: 1: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion. 2: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings. Mattiyahu (Mat) 15: 20, 7, 2-3, 7-9. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 29:9-13 Empty words because you’re stupid and you don’t read. Mattiyahu (Mat) 15: 7-9, 10-11. Vayikra (Lev) 11:1-8 Is Yeshua a hypocrite. Mattiyahu (Mat) 15:11, 16-20, 12-14, 13, 14 

LESSON 3: GIVE THEM THE TRUTH DON’T WORRY ABOUT THERE FEELINGS. Mattiyahu (Mat) 28:19-20 JUST BRING THE PERFECT TRUTH. D’varim (Deut) 4:5-8 Serve Yehovah let Him worry about the blind guides feelings

LESSON 4: ACTS 15 HAD THEY BECOME HYPOCRITES PRACTICING HYPOCRISY. ACTS 15:1-29 ARE THEY HYPOCRITES? Luk 22:19, Sh’mot (Ex) 12:43-44 I and THE FATHER are one. ACTS 15. Vayikra (Lev) 26:11-13 I have broken the yoke of Pharaoh so you can walk with ME. ACTS 15:10, D’varim (Deut) 30:11-14 Yehovah says it is no yoke at all, no burden at all. ACTS 15

LESSON 5: THE COURTROOM. D’varim (Deut) 16:18- 20 Judges must judge according to righteousness.

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SYNOPSIS: There is an eternal courtroom that everyone is going to be in one day. Who is going to be there with you? What are you going to say? Who are the witnesses? What is the discovery going on right now throughout the globe? Do the gentiles only have to follow four laws? Do the Jews have to follow all the given commandments? Can we know how our individual court date will go? Find out today on this Yehovah’s HaShabbat.

LESSON 1: ELOHIM DOES NOT CHANGE. Yochanan (Jn) 10:30 what does it mean to be one. Hebrews 13:8 THE SAME ALWAYS…People say it but don’t believe it. Mal'akhi (Mal) 3:6-8 I YEHOVAH AM THE SAME ALWAYS. 1 Sh’mu’el (Sam) 15:29 HE is not like humans who change their minds. B’midbar (Num) 23:19 Once Elohim sets the standard it does not change and is for all people Jew and Gentile

LESSON 2: THE COURT. 2 Corinthians 5:9-10 Who and what will be in Messiah’s court. D’varim (Deut) 25:1-3 Understanding how the court is set up. D’varim (Deut) 16:18- 20 Judges must judge according to righteousness . D’varim (Deut) 19:16-21 More groups involved in this court case. Mishal (Proverb) 17:15 both are an abomination . Mishal (Proverb) 31:8-9 all who need an advocate. Revelation 12:9-10 Who else is in the courtroom…the accuser . Mark 8:38 BEFORE MY FATHER AND HIS ANGELS…WILL HE BE YOUR ADVOCATE. Revelation 20:10-12 Saw a Great White Throne of the Supreme Court Judge. 2 Corinthians 5:9-10 will the righteous one stand for or against you

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690 Do you really think the Lion has no teeth?

SYNOPSIS: The biggest lie is the Lion has no teeth. Is this true? Can a lion survive without any teeth? The body of Messiah thinks so. The world and the nations think so. Do you have a soul? What happens if you only yell at your child? Is there really a heaven and a hell? Does the Lion really have teeth, you will find out today!

LESSON 1: THOSE ARE REALLY BIG TEETH YOU HAVE THERE. Revelation 5:1-5 Coming back as a lion not a lamb. Hoshea (Hos) 13:1-8 I will devour them there like a lion. All verses

LESSON 2: TAKING OUT THE BIG TEETH SO THAT THE LION IS NOT A SCARY. Psalm 23:1-3 He restores my nephesh. Mattiyahu (Mat) 10:28 One the greatest truths ever spoken. Mattiyahu (Mat) 16:26 exchange for your nephesh. B’resheet (Gen) 2:7 Yehovah put the nephesh in him

LESSON 2B: ONCE A CHILD DOES NOT FEAR A SPANKING THEY CAN TUNE YOU OUT. TAKING OUT ANOTHER TOOTH, SO THAT THE LION IS NOT A SCARY. Mishal (Prov) 22:15 No rod…no teeth. Heb 12:6. Mishal (Prov) 23:13-14 it is better to beaten with the stick then to be eaten into sh’ol

LESSON 2C: THERE IS A REAL COURTROOM WHERE THE TRUTH OF THE LION’S TEETH WILL BE KNOWN. Hoshea 13:6-8. 2 Corinthians 5:9-10 TRIAL IN YESHUA’S COURT. REV 20:10-14 Good or bad consequences according to the BOOKS

LESSON 2D: THERE IS A REAL PLACE CALLED HEAVEN, & THERE IS A REAL PLACE CALLED HELL. THE TEETH ARE REAL. YESHA’YAHU 66:22-24. Mark 9:43-48 obtain eternal life or eternal hell…the Lion’s teeth. Psa 9:17.  Revelation 1:17-18 keys to Death and Sh’ol

LESSON 3: FEAR THOSE BIG TEETH THEY HURT. Mishal (Prov) 1:7 Fear those big teeth. Psalm 111:1-10 the first and foremost point of wisdom is, getting bit by the Lion is going to hurt. Sh’mot (Ex) 35:1-2 if you disrespect HIM there are ramification’s. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 66:22-24 the reward for respecting the teeth

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SYNOPSIS: Are you a fair weather friend? When times are good you come around and ask for favors. But when the shoe is on the other foot. You are nowhere to be found. In today’s HaShabbat lesson we are going to learn about what the biblical definition is for “Friendship”. What this means in Ya’akov’s 5 part lesson in his letter in the Brit HaDasha.

LESSON 1: ARE YOU A FRIEND OR FOE. D’varim (Deut) 27:14-25 BOUNDARY MARKER. D’varim (Deut) 27:16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 17, 26, 17. Mattiyahu (Mat) 24:12 Increased distance from Torah. Mattiyahu (Mat) 28:19-20 Show them Messiah and His truths. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 42:1-7 keys to the dungeon to the nations. Mattiyahu (Mat) 23:27-28 Ya’look like good people. Mal'akhi (Mal) 2:7-10 Should safeguard Torah

LESSON 2: WHAT IS TRUE BIBLICAL FRIENDSHIP. Ya’akov (James) 4:4-8 FRIENDSHIP OF THE WORLD IS HATRED TOWARD ELOHIM. 1 unfaithful wives 2 loving the world 3 hating God 4 choosing the world 5 making himself God’s enemy. D’varim (Deut) 28:32 why are the kids dead…prophecy when we are not His friends. Mal'akhi (Mal) 2:7-9 Partial truth. D’varim (Deut) 28:32. Ya’akov (James) 4:4, 7, 8. Mishal (Pro) 18:24 A friend sticks closer than a brother. Yochanan (Jn) 15:15 I call you friends

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SYNOPSIS: Israel bombed Syria so what? Let’s see who the players are. Let us look at Psalm 83. Let us look at Revelation. Let us look at wars and birth pangs. Let us look Yesha’yahu 17. Let us look at Yechezk’el (Eze) 38-39. Let’s understand how we got here and how to stop the next phase if possible?

LESSON 1: WAR WHO ARE THE PLAYER. Mark 13:7-8 The end is yet to come. Revelation 6:1-8 You have been weighed. D’varim (Deut) 28:49-50 Conqueror to Concur. Revelation 6:1-8. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 17:1-3 Dammesek has stopped being a city. B’resheet (Gen) 14:14-15 LOFR Dammesek a city in the time of Avram. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 17:1-3. 2ND Kings 17:5-6 taken captive to the city of the Medes by the King of Ashur (Assyria). Yechezk'el (Eze) 38:8-12 Living securely with no walls. Psalm 83:1-10 Birth pains but not the birth . Y’hoshua (Josh) 17:11-13 Ein-dor becomes a servant to Israel. Yechezk’el (Eze) 38:18-23 I will show my greatness and holiness. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 17:1-3

LESSON 2: DAMMESEK PATTERN. In 734 BC Israel was also having trouble on its northern border with Syria. 2Kings chapters 16 and 17 tell us all about it. In 734 BC Israel asked Assyria (Turks) for help to fight against Syria. After Assyria conquered Syria and took Damascus they then attacked northern Israel. This is a model for the end time events that are unfolding now. Iran is at war with Israel in Syria but Israel may ask Turkey for help. Now 54,000 are ready! 2ND Kings 16:1-4, 5, 2Ki 16:7-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-16, 17-18. 2ND Kings 17:1-6 King of Ashur invades Israel- The horde found in Eze 38 

LESSON 3: ARE WE PROVOKING HIS WRATH TODAY. Yirmeyahu (Jer) 7:17-19 or are they provoking themselves, to their own ruin?" Yirmeyahu (Jer) 25:4-7 message was always: 'Every one of you, turn back. 2ND Chronicles 7:14-15 TESHUVAH before Dammesek becomes a heap of ruins

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687 His goal is life, what is yours?

SYNOPSIS: Yehovah desire is that he would dwell among us. Today in this HaShabbat lesson we are going to explore what it takes for Him to dwell with us. Or more is it our job to invite Him into our temple? Can we invite Him  into a defiled place? Will He come in or deny to be with that uncleanness? Today let us see what our goals should be. Let us look at what word in the Greek Kefa used for the word destroyed. It is truly a extraordinary end-time word.

LESSON  1: DOES NOT DESIRE ANYONE BE DESTROYED. 2ND Kefa (Peter) 3:9 His goal is life, what is yours? Sh’mot (Ex) 25:8-9 So I can live among them. B’resheet ( Gen) 3:7-11 Yehovah Elohim was walking among His creation. Yirmeyahu (Jer) 17:9-10 The heart is more deceitful than anything else. Sh’mot (Ex) 25:8-9 So I can live among them. Sh’mot (Ex) 29:26-27 Consecration has to be holy. Yochanan (Jn) 3:1-6 you have to. Sh’mot (Ex) 25:8-9. 1Cor. 3:16-20 Don’t you know that God want to dwell in your temple. Sh’mot (Ex) 25:8-9. Messianic Hebrews 13:8-9 Don’t get carried away by strange teachings

LESSON 2: DON’T BE CARRIED AWAY BY STRANGE TEACHINGS. Heb 13:9. Yirmeyahu (Jer) 2:4-9 Those who deal with the Torah did not know me. Yirmeyahu (Jer) 11:1-11 For I solemnly warned your ancestors. 2Pe 3:9 

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686 bold and courageous

SYNOPSIS: If God be for us who can be against us. The question has to be asked. Why would God want to be for you? If there is not physical difference in you. If there is no spiritual difference in you. If there is no boldness in you. If there is no courage in you. Then why would Yehovah Elohim be for you? In this HaShabbat lesson we are going to learn about being bold and courageous!!!

LESSON 1: BOLDNESS FOR THE BIBLICAL TRUTH. ROMANS 8:28-31 If God is for us. 1st Sh’mu’el (Sam) 15:22-23 He wishes you did not even need to them. Rom 8:28, 29. Mat 12:8. Yochanan (Jn) 2:14-17 Boldness and Zeal for the things of Yehovah. Rom 8:31. B’midbar (Num) 14:1-11 If Yehovah is for us. Ya’akov (James) 4:2-8 take a stand, be bold & courageous. D’varim (Deut) 31:6-7 Be Bold and Courageous. Yechezk'el (Eze) 33:2-8 I'm not responsible for who listens to the Watchman, YEHOVAH is. D’varim (Deut) 31:6-7

LESSON 2: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE ARE NOT BOLD FOR BIBLICAL TRUTH. Mattiyahu (Mat) 24:7-12 this happens when we are not bold & courageous, the love of many grow cold because we are not teaching them. Revelation 3:15-16 the worse type of witness for YESHUA is this type. Mattiyahu (Mat) 24:12. D’varim (Deut) 18:9-11 when we are not bold & courageous these weeds take over the garden. Mattiyahu (Mat) 24:12. Revelation 16:1-11 when we are not bold and courageous watchmen it leads to this. Revelation 18:3, 23. Luke 5:31-32 Yeshua says it best, I came to call sinners back to biblical truth…THE WATCHMAN!!!





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