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685 Surrounded but will not be swept away…V’ahavta

SYNOPSIS: when surrounded by the enemy will Yehovah save you? V’ahavta.  Or will you be swept away with the wicked? V’ahavta. Will you be the righteous one to save those under your roof? V’ahavta. Are you one of His now or are you waiting for the flood? V’ahavta. Are you His treasure or a lump of coal? V’ahavta!!!

LESSON 1: SWEEP AWAY THE RIGHTEOUS WITH THE WICKED. Mattiyahu (Mat) 22:29-40 On these two. V29, V31-32, 35, 36, 37. Mark 12:28-30 You are to, with all these things. Mattiyahu (Mat) 22:38, 39-40. B’resheet (Gen) 18:20-33 Would you sweep the righteous away with the wicked…oh by the way what do you consider wicked. B’resheet 1:27-28 Be fruitful only happens with two of a kind. Gen 18:23, 21, 24, 25, 26. 2 Kefa 2:1-10. B’resheet (Gen) 19:1-11 Evil Surrounded the house but Yehovah knows how to save the righteous. B’resheet (Gen) 19:15-17 Flee for your life

LESSON 2: SEPARATION FROM THE WICKED TO LEARN RIGHTEOUSNESS. Sh’mot (Ex) 19:5. Sh’mot (Ex) 19:4-6 if you would listen carefully. Sh’mot (Ex) 20:2 I am the owner. Sh’mot (Ex) 18:19-21 teach them Yehovah’s values. So when the flood comes they won’t be swept away. Sh’mot (Ex) 19:5-6. Acts 10:32-48 It does not matter where you’re from you still have to do “what is right” But the real message, the real treasure is V34-35. Without this truth your treasure is really a lump of coal.

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684 Counting the omer, A time of learning how to walk with Yehovah

SYNOPSIS: In today’s HaShabbat Lesson we are going to discover what counting the Omer is all about. We are going to look at the Seven Parts to separation. What it really means when Yeshua said “I called you worthless” and what that means. We will look at the reminders given to us about dedication and the six days of manna.

LESSON 1: LEARNING THE REASON FOR COUNTING THE OMER. Vayikra (Lev) 23:9-16 Begin counting the omer after “The Shabbat – hay-shin-bet-tav”)

LESSON 2 WHAT IS THE BIBLICAL UNDERSTANDING OF THE MEANING “SEPARATION”. B’resheet (Gen) 1:6-14 LORF of the word separate. Lesson 2A is separating into categories with the same characteristics. B’resheet (Gen) 13:8-11 Lesson 2B is about separation from the ones with the blood covenant. B’resheet (Gen) 30:40 Lesson 2C Separating your possessions…set apart…are you His . Vayikra (Lev) 11:2-4 Lesson 2D do you have the separation characteristics of being kosher by His word. Characteristics of something that has life that make it kosher. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 56:1-7 Lesson 2E Anyone who does what I Yehovah see is right will not be separated from ME. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 59:1-3 Lesson 2F It is our actions that cause HIM to separate from us. Mattiyahu (Mat) 25:30-33 Lesson 2G BH Separate the sheep from the goats how and why

LESSON 3 COUNTING THE OMER WHAT HAPPENED DURING THIS TIME. Sh’mot (Ex) 13:1-2 Counting the omer reminds us of dedication of our lives. Sh’mot (Ex) 13:12-14. Sh’mot (Ex) 15:1-3 Counting the omer reminds us to sing His praises and dance in His presence. Sh’mot (Ex) 15:22-26 Counting the omer reminds us that if we put the wood into the bitter water it taste sweet. Sh’mot (Ex) 16:3-5 Counting the omer reminds us about the rule for Shabbat. Sh’mot (Ex) 16:22-26 Counting the omer reminds us that there are rules to be separated and keeping HIS Shabbat

LESSON 4: COUNTING THE OMER IN THE BRIT HADASHA…FEED MY LAMBS. Acts 1:3 the forty day period. Yochanan (Jn) 21:1-17 This event happened during the counting of the omer…remember the 7 lessons from separation

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SYNOPSIS: During the week of Hag Matzah so much in biblical history has happened.  In this HaShabbat lesson we are going to explore the reason for the week of Hag Matzah. We are going to learn about the two shabbat’s and the one HaShabbat in that seven day period. We are going to look at Messiah Journey from birth to death. Why He says to His Father my journey is over. I have completed the race. I am coming home to the Promised Land. My journey is over, I am coming in through the narrow gate. The true Hag Matzah meaning is to reflect on, am I going to be able to get into the narrow gate into The Promised Land?

LESSON 1: THE JOURNEY. Sh’mot (Ex) 12:15-20 The Beginning of the journey as a mixed multitude left bondage to walk with the Law Giver. Yochanan (Jn) 19:28-31 Yeshua journey as the second Adom has been completed. Luke 2:11-16 The beginning of “The Journey”, the natan the gift to the parents. Psa 127:3, Luk 2:16, Pro 22:6  . Luke 2:41-42 The Journey – Yeshua’s parents train their “Natan” in the ways of perfection. Luke 2:41-42 The Journey – Yeshua’s parents train their “Natan” in the ways of perfection. Luke 4:1-13 The Journey into the wilderness. The lesson of Hag Matzah. B’midbar (Num) 33:1-3 Stages in “The Journey”. Luk 4:4, 7-8, 11-12. Mattiyahu (Mat) 26:37-45 The Journey, take this cup no answer was the answer to this test. Yochanan (Jn) 19:28-30 Yeshua journey the will of the FATHER has been completed on Hag Matzah

LESSON 2: ONLY A FEW FIND IT. Mattiyahu (Mat) 7:13-14 Only a few find it…the journey. Sh’mot (Ex) 14:10-14 Hag Matzah reminds us no matter how big the problem trust in Yehovah. Sh’mot (Ex) 14:27-28 hag matzah teaches us to reflect on the lives that don’t obey Yehovah. Sh’mot (Ex) 32:28 Hag Matzah teaches us to reflect don’t go with the crowd that that serves the world. Vayikra (Lev) 10:2 Hag matzah no one is exempt . B’midbar (Num) 14:36-38 Hag matzah trust in Yehovah 5 will chase 100. B’midbar (Num) 25:1-3 Hag Matzah reminds us not to join with evil. Follow the commandments. Mattiyahu (Mat) 7:13-14 Only a few find it…the journey

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SYNOPSIS: Without the root the tree is dead. Some of Yeshua the Messiah’s teachings are difficult. Did you know there was many talmidim that walked away from Yeshua. These people thought His teachings were too hard. That’s right they thought that Yeshua was to strict. Yes it is in the Gospel of Yochanan. These people talked among themselves and decided from there uneducated Korach, Jezebel minds time to walk away. You’re saying I would never do that. Let us learn in this Shabbat lesson about eating and drinking blood.

LESSON 1: MANY TALMIDIM LEAVE. Yochanan (Jn) 6:47-71 Many leave because of the difficult teaching, except those really called by Yehovah. KEY V: Joh 6:66, 60-61, 48-49, 50, 51-52, 53-59, 60-61, 66, 64, 67, 68, 66

LESSON 2: UNDERSTANDING EATING FLESH AND DRINKING BLOOD. Yochanan (Jn) 2:18-22 Destroy this temple no that is not what He meant. Yochanan (Jn) 6:53-58. Vayikra (Lev) 17:14, Yochanan (Jn) 6:53-54. D’varim (Deut) 12:22-25 Don’t eat the blood so it will go well with you. Yochanan (Jn) 6:55, 56, 57, 58. KEY 1:YOU NEED THIS FLESH AND BLOOD FOR LIFE. KEY 2: YOU NEED THE FLESH AND BLOOD FOR THE LAST DAY TO GET IN. KEY 3 YOU NEED THE TRUE FOOD OF LIFE ETERNAL. KEY 4: YOU NEED THIS FLESH AND BLOOD SO YESHUA WILL LIVE IN YOU. KEY 5: YOU NEED THIS FLESH & BLOOD SO WE CAN LIVE THROUGH HIM. KEY 6: YOU NEED THIS BREAD IF YOU ARE GOING TO LIVE FOREVER. Mattiyahu (Mat) 26:17-28 If you want to live eat His flesh and drink His blood. This is an eternal commandment. Yochanan (Jn) 6:53-58. Mattiyahu (Mat) 26:26-28. Sh’mot (Ex) 12:42 He keeps watch to see who eats the lamb, puts the blood, eats the Matzah, drinks the wine

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SYNOPSIS: There is a saying the a little leaven goes a long way. The same goes for sin in the camp. We are going take Yeshua teaching about the weeds and apply to the Matriarch Rachel. Then tie that to the plagues in Egypt. Then apply that to Matthew 24 a distance from Torah. Then take that and apply it to the 2/3 in Zechariah. Then rap that all up with 36 dead soldiers all because there was sin in the camp. If you want to live don’t miss this Shabbat teaching.

LESSON 1: THE LESSON OF RACHEL AND BEN-ONI. Mattiyahu (Mat) 13:36-43 The weeds are useless. Sh’mot 12:7-8 The good seed given by Yehovah Himself. Mat 13:38 , 38-39, 40, 41-42, B’resheet (Gen) 35:16-21 The weeds of bitterness towards Yehovah took over her life. Even though she was walking with the son of the promise. B’resheet (Gen) 37:33-34 tore his clothes and mourned many days. B’resheet (Gen) 30:1-4 weeds of contempt towards Yehovah. B’resheet (Gen) 31:17-19 Before they left she steals what is most important to her. B’resheet (Gen) 31:30-35 the weeds of satan…coveting, stealing, lying & worshipping other gods. Even though you’re walking with the promised one. Gen 35:18 

LESSON 2: THE WEEDS OF PHARAOH. Sh’mot (Ex) 7:9-17 What is the difference between wheat and chaff you can’t tell until. Sh’mot (Ex) 8:5-7 The weed grows stronger. Sh’mot (Ex) 8:8-10 an opportunity to pull up that weed for the whole community. Sh’mot (Ex) 8:21-24 No weed in Goshen for it had Yehovah’s fertilizer . Sh’mot (Ex) 12:11-14 You will be protected if you follow Yehovah’s word without your own weeds

LESSON 3: SIN IN THE CAMP, THE WEEDS HAVE OVERGROWN THE WORD. Mattiyahu (Mat) 24:10-22 Why would Yehovah choose to protect you…hint V12. Z'kharyah (Zec) 13:7-9 do you want to live and be part of the 1/3?. Y’hoshua (Josh) 7:1-26 sin in the camp got others killed


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680 Moral Excellence

SYNOPSIS: Yeshua lived and taught in pursuit of excellence.  Note carefully that it’s moral excellence He sought – not worldly excellence. Worldly excellence is equivalent to most Hollywood made movies. Movies made so well that they win many worldly awards. But in all likelihood that award winning movie provides content that is morally contaminated.  Personal Moral excellence is possible on any budget.  Yeshua achieved it with hardly any worldly wealth at all.  His diligence, zeal, and discipline led Him to it.  Should we not follow in His steps? Isn’t this what we  are called for being ambassadors of the Kingdom?

LESSON 1: EXCELLENCE. Dani’el (Dan) 1:1-2 where are they and why are they there? B’resheet (Gen) 6:5-9 surrounded by evil Noach was excellent (Righteous) towards Elohim. Dani’el (Dan) 5:30-31 A new king has been put in place. . Dani’el (Dan) 6:1-24 Serve the King with Excellence, be shown favor from the earthly king for your excellence. Mattiyahu (Mat) 19:27-29 In Charge of His Kingdom because of excellence. Dani’el (Dan) 6. Mattiyahu (Mat) 19:27-29 In Charge of His Kingdom because of excellence. Dani’el (Dan) 6. B’resheet (Gen) 39:9-13 Moral excellence even though he had every earthly right not to

LESSON2 : THE FOUNDATION OF EXCELLENCE. Luke 8:18-21 Pay attention, then, to how you hear. Mat_7:21, Mat_12:50, Joh_4:23, Luk 8:21. Luke 6:46-49 Foundation. Luk 22:19, Luk 6:46, 47, 48. THE 34 CATEGORIES OF EXCELLENCE. Mishal (Pro) 22:5-6 train the child with moral excellence, but the people are stubborn and say no. Yirmeyahu (Jer) 6:16 but they said no

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679 Are you ashamed, indifferent, against His words or do you desire to know and walk in the narrow path of truth

SYNOPSIS: Most people think Messiah Yeshua was very pleasant in all His teachings. That really is not the true case. Yeshua the Messiah was actually more like a “Sledgehammer” if you understanding the meanings of His carefully chosen words. The key to today’s Shabbat lesson are you ashamed indifferent, against His words or do you desire to know and walk in the narrow path of truth

LESSON 1: ALL FALL SHORT THE GLORY OF YAH WHO IS PERFECT. 1ST Yochanan (Jn) 1:8-9 All have sinned. Vayikra (Lev) 26:38-43 once we acknowledge and have gone through the fire. 1Jn 1:9 

LESSON 2: ARE YOU ASHAMED OF YESHUA’S WORDS. Mark 8:34-38 Are you ashamed, indifferent, against His words or do you desire to know and walk in the narrow path of truth. Mattiyahu 5:18 not until. Mar 8:38, 34, 3. Psalm 49:16-19 Never see the light again. Iyob (job) 1:1-3 gained the whole world but did he fail. Iyov (Job) 1:7-12 everything can change in a blink of an eye. Iyov (Job) 2:9-10 curse God? Mar 8:36, 37, 38. Mark 7:1-9 You depart from Yah’s perfect commands for imperfect man-made doctrine. Mark 7:10-13 with tradition you nullify perfection Mark 7:14-19 you see Messiah nullifies the law…really? Vayikra (Lev) 11:1-2 this is food you may eat. Vayikra (Lev) 11:3-8 THIS IS WHAT YEHOVAH DECLARES AS LAND ANIMAL FOOD. Mark 7:20-23 All these wicked things come from within. B’resheet (Gen) 2:16-17 unclean means being disobedient to the spoken word. Deu 5:12, Mark 7:21,22, Pro 22:15, Ecc 7:25, Mark 7:21-23, 8:38

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678 What does the cross mean PART 3

SYNOPSIS: In the Gospel of Mattiyahu (Mat) we see the Rabbi of all rabbi’s give this deeply profound teaching about the cross. We see a teaching that most people do not understand. The reason they don’t understand is, they are not real talmidim (disciples) of Messiah Yeshua. The reason they do not understand “the cross” is they follow jesus instead of YESHUA. To understand “the cross” you must be a talmid of YESHUA the Jewish Messiah. Get your pens ready for the final part 3.

LESSON 2B: REVIEW JUST TESTIMONY. Section 1: V1 Cross represents  - Talmidim- 613. Section 2: V2-4 Cross represents  - Emissaries – ambassadors of the Kingdom. Section 3: V5-6 Cross represents  - lost sheep revive them with truth. Section 4: V7-8 Cross represents  - go proclaim the truth of YAH’S perfect word. Section 5: V9-10 Cross represents  - Trust and the blessings will be yours. Section 6: V11-13 Cross represents  - Shalom…does this house want to Sh’ma the perfect truth. Section 7: V14-15 Cross represents  - condemnation for those that preach grace. Section 8: V16 Cross represents  - prudent skill, as the devil is for evil, we should be for solid biblical truth. Section 9: V17 Cross represents  - being the watchmen of biblical truth and telling the world to follow torah and the living word.

LESSON 3: BE LIKE THE GOOD RABBI, NOT LIKE THE evil one satan. Section 11: V21 Betrayal for they love the pagan lifestyle. Section 12: V22 Perseverance. Section 13: V23 Persecution. Section 14: V24-25 Be like THE RABBI, not like the evil one. Section 15: V26 Covered and uncovered. Section 16: V27 speak, whisper, proclaim for the highest places. Section 17: V28 do not fear…fear the Holy One. Section 18: V29-31 As for you, you are worth more. Section 19: V32-33 Acknowledgment or Disassociation. Section 20: V34 Bring a sword. Section 21: V35-36 People against one another…choose this day. Section 22: V37 whoever loves that instead of this. Section 23: V38 PICK UP YOUR CROSS

LESSON 4: NOW THAT YOU PICKED UP THE CROSS THE RIGHT WAY. Section 24: V39 loose to gain Section 25: V40 Receives the one who sent HIM. Section 26: V41 Reward of both. Section 27: V42 the living water





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