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654 Stubborn

SYNOPSIS: The people left Egypt and bondage but Egypt and bondage did not leave them. This is true for 75% of the world’s people. You try to impart wisdom they say that’s nice and keep doing what they are doing. You say you’re about to drive over a cliff and they say what do you know? Stubbornness is good when you can stand on scripture with that stubbornness. But most people can not do that. Most people are stubborn for all the wrong reasons. In today’s teaching we are going to look at stubbornness and the two hands in Proverbs. We will then learn about the Shofar, Yom Teruah and how to stay away from Rosh Hashanah in the 7th month of the year.

THEME 1 WHO ARE YOU JOINED TO? In theme one of this Shabbat teaching we are going to explore the roots of stubbornness. We are going to look at a promise of good that is still valid today. We will also look how we left Egypt in the physical. But how most did not leave Egypt in their hearts (Spiritual). We will study how one gets joined to the enemy of Yehovah. For they say in their hearts the fiery law won’t see what is in my heart. D’varim 29:10-20 Being stubborn for your Egyptian hearts will lead to eternal death. B’midbar (Num) 25:1-5 How did this happen? We left Egypt, but Egypt didn’t leave us. For following the fiery Law of Yehovah is hard when your heart is in Egypt. D’varim 29:18-19. B’midbar (Num) 25:5. Mattiyahu (Mat) 7:13-15 Leaving Egypt in spirit and in truth is a hard road but leads to eternal life. Mark 9:20-24 Leaving Egypt and learning how not to be stubborn one needs trust. B’midbar (Num) 25:5.Y’hoshua 24:14-16 Don’t just say the words leave Egypt in your hearts. D’varim 29:15

THEME 2: ON ONE HAND AND ON THE OTHER HAND. Now we take the Torah lesson of being joined to ba’al pe’or and now have we gained wisdom? Mishal (Pro) 22:5, 15:19, D’varim (Deut) 29:19. Mishal (Pro) 15:19. Mishal (Pro) 19:15-16 work to keep as many mitzvoth as possible. Yochanan (Jn) 14:10-24 He who keeps the Mitzvoth loves Yeshua those who don’t love satan. Mishal (Pro) 19:16. 1 Yochanan (Jn) 2:3-6 Keep the Mitzvah keep safe for this shows you are really His child. 1 Yochanan (Jn) 5:2-3 If you love Yehovah with all your heart mind soul and strength you will not think doing the commands are burdensome

THEME 3: THE WATCHMAN’S SHOFAR: Eze 33:1-9 A properly trained watchman imparts the proper information. Remember there is a lot of people afraid of spiders

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653 Your will vs His will…take this cup

SYNOPSIS: People are always looking to find another path. A path to heaven that is easier then the real narrow path. Yehovah the Father knows all things about all people. He has mapped out each and every persons days. Now the lesson we will learn from today’s Shabbat teaching is about who’s “will” you should follow? We will also look at getting a second or third opinion on the truth that many people are looking for. We will also look at when a prayer is NOT answered was it answered already?

THEME 1: YEHOVAH KNOWS ALL THINGS. Proof Yehovah and His Son Yeshua know all things. Proving that they already know the end from the beginning. It is we that have to learn and kiss the Son. Psalm 139:1-18 Yehovah knows all things. Messianic Hebrews 4:12-15 Nothing created is hidden from an all knowing God…and He created all things!. Mattiyahu (Mat) 3:16-17 Father speaks and says personally “This is My Son”. Psalm 2:1-12 you are My Son today I proclaim to the world I am your Father. Mattiyahu (Mat) 28:18 all the nations have been given to Him. Revelation 22:12-13 He knows all things for He is the Aleph & Tav. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 44:1-6 Sh’ma Yisrael Yehovah Eloheinu Yehovah Echad. Romans 11:19 grafted. Mattiyahu (Mat) 17:1-5 Once more Yehovah speaks from heaven and says “This is My Son”. Mattiyahu (Mat) 24-32-39 The only thing Yeshua does not know. Yochanan (Jn) 1:48-51 You will see greater things, how did He know that. Luke 22:31-34 you will deny Me three times. How did He know that

THEME 2: WILL. The cup of trembling but not His will but the will of the Father. Yeshua knew what was about to happen. He knew that Kefa and all His talmidim would be cowards, but still He went through with His race to the finish line. When faced with challenges do we go ask the Father again hoping for a different answer then before? Mattiyahu (Mat) 26:36-44 Go over and pray three times and no answer. Mattiyahu (Mat) 17:5. Mattiyahu (Mat) 26:36-44. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 53:4-8 This is what had to be done, He had to be cut off. Mattiyahu (Mat) 26:35. Mattiyahu (Mat) 26:55 Forcible arrest. Mattiyahu (Mat) 26:67 pain for our crimes Mattiyahu (Mat) 27:22-23 did not complain like a sheep to be slaughtered. Mattiyahu (Mat) 27:26 spanked for our transgressions by the Gentiles. Mattiyahu (Mat) 27:31 cut off for our crimes, punishment that makes us whole. Mattiyahu (Mat) 26:43-44 His prayer the third time still no answer

THEME 3: THE CHALLENGE AND NOT YIELDING TO HIS WILL. What does it take for some people to yield to the word? Are some people so dense that even mighty signs and wonders won’t make them change their path they are on? Some people don’t change their path of destruction and the Lord takes their life. B’midbar (Num) 22:1-8 Come curse the Hebrews a Gentile said to a Gentile who speaks with Elohim. B’midbar (Num) 22:9-13 Elohim answers this prayer and says no and the reason why. For They know what is in  your heart they know everything. B’midbar (Num) 22:16-22 Yehovah know the beginning from the end and He knows what is in each and every person’s heart. Mat 26:39. B’midbar (Num) 23:23, 19.Mattiyahu (Mat) 5:18

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652 He will reward, Ramification for your actions

SYNOPSIS: There is a real Secret Service listening to everything that you say and do right now. This secret service is worldwide with unlimited resources. This secret service has put code into your computer to know exactly where you have gone on the web and even the dark web. This secret service makes the Israeli’s look like they are in diapers. This secret service listens to every phone call and every conversation in your home. This secret service has total immunity from prosecution and to prosecute. No it is not the Illuminati. This is not some conspiracy theory it is the God’s honest truth. In today’s Shabbat teaching we will learn about the Real SS and how they operate!!!

THEME 1: PREPARING FOR TRAIL, THE LAW SCHOOL OF BGMC. Revelation 20:12-15 The Mission of BGMC is to get all the Peoples of the covenant and the grafted in nations both small and great ready for this day

THEME 2: HE KNOWS YOUR THOUGHTS. After learning about our court date in Yehovah’s court. We need to go a lot deeper into what is being recorded by the real Secret Service. The YSS (Yehovah’s Secret Service) is recording your every thought. By direct order He embedded a recording device in your programming. When Yehovah placed you in your mother’s womb. He placed this undetectable recording device in you. B’resheet (Gen) 6:4-6 He knows your thoughts. 1 Chronicles 28:2-9 Seek out His Mitzvot wholeheartedly and the inheritance will be yours forever. Psalm 139:1-4 He knows you thoughts even from afar…but who moved you or HIM. Mattiyahu (Mat) 9:1-6 How did He know what they were thinking?. Mattiyahu (Mat) 7:21-23 He knew what was in their hearts…are you one of them. Mattiyahu (Mat) 9:6, 4. Mattiyahu (Mat) 5:27-28 HE knows what your think that is why He warned them not to do it. B’resheet (Gen) 6:5. Mattiyahu (Mat) 28:18

THEME 3: REWARD ONE GETS THE REWARD ONE’S DEEDS DESERVE Revelation 20:12-13The Mission of BGMC is to get all the Peoples of the covenant and the grafted in nations both small and great ready for this day. B’resheet (Gen) 15:1-6 it took a while but Avinu Avraham finally got it so there is hope and mercy for all. B’resheet (Gen) 22:9-11 he was really going to do it in obedience . Psalm 19:7-11 Obeying all them gets rewards, not just lip service. Mishal (Pro) 12:14 you will get what you deserve from HIM. Mishal (Pro): 22:4 three things. Mattiyahu (Mat) 5:10-12 reward for you pursued righteousness. Mattiyahu (Mat) 10:41-41 serve the King and get a huge reward. 2 Yochanan (Jn) 1:7-9 stay true to Yeshua and be a brother or sister…by the  way who are His brothers and sisters. Revelation 20:12

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651 The Art of War - Getting control of your emotions

 SYNOPSIS: The Art of War- emotions. Emotions play a large part in our society today. From people loving or hating the President. To the left and the alt right hating each other. To a first grader being sent to the principals office and chastised for she used the wrong word for a boy changing into a girl. We are a country that is being ripped apart at every turn. Let just say people are very, very emotional right now. The question is why? Should we as followers of Yeshua be emotional? Are emotions good or  bad? What does the word say about emotions? In to days Shabbat lesson we are going to explore getting control over your emotions.

THEME 1: ART OF WAR CONTROLLING YOUR HEART AND ITS EMOTIONS. Yirmeyahu (Jer) 17:9-10 Controlling your heart and it’s emotions. So your actions get good from Yehovah . Revelation 12:7-9 emotions got the better of 1/3 of the angels now they are out. Yirmeyahu (Jer) 17:9-10. Revelation 12:9. Mattiyahu (Mat) 24:4-5 Yeshua the Messiah says don’t be fooled by your emotions. 1 Yochanan (Jn) 4:1 don’t let your emotions rule you test all spirits. Galatians 6:4-7 Don’t be emotional you will reap a better harvest in this war for your soul. D’varim (Deut) 28:15 you reap what you sow it not emotional its war. Galatians 6:6-7. Ephesians 5:1-11 Be children of the light with your emotions

THEME 2: ART OF WAR – EMOTIONS; FRETTING LEADS TO SIN AND DEATH. Psalm 37:1-5 Don’t let your emotions ruin your life, trust in the word it is a lamp unto your feet in a dark world. B’midbar (Num) 13:30-32 fretting led to sin and not trusting. Psalm 37:1. B’resheet (Gen) 4:1-8 fretting leads to sin and death. Revelation 21:7-8 emotional people will fret and Yeshua tells us where they end up. Yirmeyahu (Jer) 17:10

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650 Are you listening to demons or are you listening to Yehovah?

SYNOPSIS: In this Shabbat teaching we are going to be learning about demons. Are they real? Can they take over someone body? Do we have power over them? Or do they have power us? Can we bind them up with our magic lasso? If Yeshua was so powerful why didn’t He just bind up satan forever and be done with this mess? Today’s teaching will span all the books of the word, from B’resheet to Revelation/ Listen up so you don’t use up your tenth turn.

THEME 1: YOU WERE TOLD HOW TO OVERCOME THE EVIL DID YOU LISTEN TO YEHOVAH OR HIS enemy? B’resheet (Gen) 4:1-16 Choices keep you in His presence. Allowing the demons to talk to you and direct you, take you out of the presence of Yehovah. B’resheet (Gen) 5:4. B’resheet (Gen) 4:4-16. 1 Yochanan (Jn) 3:10-12 Kayin never repents and is in she’ol. Y’hudah (Jude) 1:9-11 They give themselves over. Sh’mot (Ex) 34:6-7 Yehovah is slow to anger does not mean He does not get angry. B’midbar (Num) 14:17-24 He will forgive in this life but you will die in your sin. Sh’mot (Ex) 23:20-21.Yeshayahu (Isa) 7:14. B’midbar (Num) 14:24.  Yochanan (Jn) 3:1-21. Mattiyahu (Mat) 12:43-45 The house should be a mess and it is not. Just what the demons ordered. 2 Timothy 4:1-4 Tickle my ears satan for I love to listen to party music. Yochanan (Jn) 13:21-27 YESHUA spoke and you did not listen to Him. Revelation 22:10-11Let them be who they want to be but not in My house. Mattiyahu (Mat) 27:43-45 He only lasted 3 hours before sin took over his life again. B’resheet (Gen) 4:7

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649 Stop complaining and just lie down at his feet

 SYNOPSIS: The commandment of Yehovah are not oppressive they are perfect. The commandments are loving for they speak of truth. There are many teachers out there that are not teaching the proper biblical truth. They say they are Jews but they are not. In this Shabbat teaching we are going  to look at biblical linage. The reason is many so called  Messianic teachers say they are jews because their grandmother was Jewish or their mother is Jewish. If you want to make aliyah to Israel they are going to ask is your mother Jewish. Is this the truth that your mother needs to be Jewish or does the bible teach the opposite. Let us sit back and take in this Shabbat teaching so you are not deceived by the snake oil salesman anymore.

THEME 1: LEARNING ABOUT BIBLICAL LINAGE. In this section we are going to focus on Torah to see what Yehovah says is a Hebrew and who is not. Rut (Ruth) 4:13-17 The redemption of the obedient Goyim is complete. Rut (Ruth) 1:2-5 The Hebrew marries a Gentile and has no children. Rut (Ruth) 4:13 Yehovah opens the womb of blessing for she was obedient and did not complain. B’resheet (Gen) 12:1-7 The separation and the covenant to his descendents. B’resheet (Gen) 3:16. B’resheet (Gen) 12:1-3. B’resheet (Gen) 26:1-3 The confirmation of linage passing from father to son not mother to children. B’resheet (Gen) 24:15 Rivkah was a gentile. B’resheet (Gen) 35:10-12 The covenant is confirmed to Ya’akov not to the two wives or the 2 concubines .B’resheet (Gen) 29:10 Rachel and Leah are sisters they are the daughter of Lavan, Rachel’s brother who was a gentile. Mattiyahu (Mat) 1:1-16 son of son of son of ect…

THEME 2: THE BLESSINGS OF OBEDIENCE TO ALL WHO WANT TO BE PART OF THE KINSMAN REDEEMERS HOUSE. Rut (Ruth) 4:13-17 The redemption of the obedient Goyim is complete. D’varim (Deut) 23:3-4 after your chastisement is over you can enter into the house of the covenant. Rut (Ruth) 4:17  .Rut (Ruth) 1:1-2 back in the days when the judges were judging . Shoftim (Judges) 17:5-6 owned a house of God with it’s household gods. Rut (Ruth) 1:1, 4-5. Rut (Ruth) 1:8-13 I have to go back I am not happy about but I must. D’varim (Deut) 5:32-33 Who moved you or HIM. Rut (Ruth) 1:3. Romans 11:11-12 make them jealous of your fire and power for the truth. Rut (Ruth) 1:14-18 The real biblical conversion. Rut (Ruth) 2:2-3 Let see if hard work scares puts the fire out. Vayikra (Lev)19:9-10 falls to the ground. Rut (Ruth) 2:2-3. Rut (Ruth) 2:6-7 they know she is not one of them but when the Ruach is with you. Mishal 6:29, B’resheet (Gen) 20:6. Rut (Ruth) 2:9. Rut (Ruth) 2:10-12 Boaz the Hebrew says I heard the whole story of what the gentile did and makes him give more…Rom 11. Rut (Ruth) 2:22-23 works for moths doing hard labor on the hot sun. Rut (Ruth) 3:1-14 redemption comes when you lay at His feet in total obedience and trust . B’resheet (Gen)8:9 LOFR Feet. Luke 10:38-42 at the Lord feet or do you complain. Rut (Ruth) 3:4-5 B’midbar (Num) 11:1 complaining show disrespect for the authority over you. Rut (Ruth) 3:4-5, 7-9, 13-14, 4:13

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SYNOPSIS: The signs of the times are bad. The news gives a picture of what is on the horizon and it is not god picture. The bad picture could change if we change the course we are on and take the 34 step recovery plan. In the book of Ezekiel and in the book  of Yesha’yahu (Isa) Yehovah says why do you think My ways are bad? Let us see who’s ways are bad in this Shabbat teaching

THEME 1: THE SIGN OF THE TIMES, CAN IT BE CHANGED? Mattiyahu (Mat) 5:6. Mattiyahu (Mat) 24:3-9. Revelation 6:8 leads to this. Mattiyahu (Mat) 5:6. B’resheet (Gen) 18:20-32 for the sake of 10 righteous Gentiles I won’t destroy the city

THEME 2: THE BIRTH OF FULL KNOWLEDGE GIVEN TO THE CHILDREN. B’resheet (Gen) 3:20-23 Has become like one of us. B’resheet (Gen) 18:20. B’resheet (Gen) 18:17-19 the covenant . B’resheet (Gen) 8:15-20 How did he know…child of Adam & Havah. B’resheet (Gen) 14:14-20 gave the King of Righteousness from Peace a tenth. Romans 2:13-16 Children of Adom & Havah. Revelation 20:12 the books and the book. What is your foundation built on, total good or evil. Mattiyahu (Mat) 28:18-20 Go teach them for there foundation needs repair. Yesha’yahu (Isa) 49:5-6 bring Yeshua to the nations around the world make them HIS brothers and sisters

THEME 3: FOUNDATION. Luke 13:34-35 gather under the wing so you can fix the foundation but they said no. 1 Kings 6:24 LOFR for wing. B’midbar (Num) 15:38 long to gather you under my wing my corner says Yeshua. Luke 13:34-35. Ezekiel 18:23-30 who’s ways are fair and who’s way put their foundation on sinking sand says Yehovah. Mattiyahu (Mat) 7:24-27 Are you the one who builds it on a solid foundation. Eze 18:25 

THEME 4: THE PERFECT FOUNDATION. THE 34 PILLARS OF FAITH REMOVE ONE AND THE REST WILL EVENTUALLY FALL. Yirmeyahu (Jer) 6:16 the crossroads, choose the good foundation before the war starts. Eze 18:25. Jos 24:15   

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647 Fear God what does that mean 2

SYNOPSIS: Part 2 of Fear God, what does that mean. In this Shabbat teaching we are going to go deep into Yehovah’s word. We will truly understand why the world is at the brink of the abyss. We are going to look at real biblical truth the 99.9% of Christian and Messianic Ministries do not want to look at. The Lord is slow to anger this does not mean he does not get angry. For when HE does get angry you will know it. The key is are you one of the ones who made Him angry? And if you are you will not be exonerated says Yehovah. We will learn the keys to making Him happy so this 777 does not happen!

THEME 1: DISQUALIFIED: 1 Cor 9:24-27 Do you run to loose or do you run to come in second or do you run to win. 2 Tim 3:1-5 Hellenistic society. Yirmeyahu (Jer) 6:16-17 Here is the key to not running aimlessly. 1 Cor 9:26-27. Mattiyahu (Mat) 7:13-14 the Tov Derek is narrow. Mattiyahu (Mat) 5:48. Luke 1:5-6 you can be perfect if you fear Yehovah

THEME 2: SHINE HIS FACE: B’midbar 6:22-27 How do you gat HIS face to shine on you.. 1 Sh’mu’el (Sam) 15:22-23 it is better does not mean it is over. D’varim (Duet) 13:17-18 doing what is right in His eyes. Gets His face to shine on you. D’varim (Deut) 25:15-16Acts unjustly is abomination

THEME 3: I WILL TURN MY FACE. D’varim (Deut) 31:16-18 Turn His face from you . D’varim (Deut) 6:6-7 Homeschool is certainly from Yehovah. Vayikra 18:21-22 Sacrifice your lives for the greater good of all. D’varim(Deut)9:5 one Torah on all our hearts but Jew and Gentile. D’varim(Deut) 21:10-14 Captives women

THEME 4: KEEPS PROMISES. HE IS NOT LIKE PEOPLE. B’midbar (Num) 23:19The Gentile Bil’am speaks about Elohim never changing. 1 Sh’mu’el (Sam) Aleph 15:29 The Eternal One does not lie. Malachi 3:5-6 And don’t fear Me what does this mean

THEME 5 WHY YOU SHOULD FEAR THE ONE WHO KEEPS PROMISES. B’midbar (Num) 14:18-24 Slow to anger, but when He does get angry people perish. D’varim (Deut) 28:15 He is not going to exonerate but give these blessings in abundance. V17, 20, 22, 24, 25-26, 30, 32, 41, 49-50

THEME 6: THE SEVENFOLD BLESSING FOR THOSE IN THE NT WHO THINK THE LAW IS DEAD. Mattiyahu (Mat) 24:4-16 Yeshua lets us know when Yehovah the Father has had enough. Vayikra 26:14-24 the sevenfold prophecy for the church age. Rev 5:1 seven seals. Rev 6:5-8 this is why we should fear Yehovah for He does not break a promise . Rev 8:1-2 seven Shofars now the walls are coming down. Rev 8:6-9 all this because we love the flesh and hate obedience. Vayikra (Lev) 2623-24. Rev 15:7. Kohelet (Ecc) 12:1-14 here is the final conclusion





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