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624 the Picasso truth of the body compared to the real truth of Elohim

SYNOPSIS: There is a saying in the world today, “Truth is what you make it”. Judging by all the misinformation out there not only from the news agencies. But also by poorly trained and I do mean poorly trained people who think of themselves as teachers of the word. They forget that the bible is 100% Jewish. From Genesis to Revelation it is a Jewish book. In today’s teaching we are going to look at the Picasso truth. How most of the so called followers of Messiah do not have the original but follow the Picasso truth. Take the next few hours and enjoy learning what is meant by the Picasso truth.

THEME 1: THE PICASSO TRUTH. When you look at a painting from Picasso you think that a 5 year old did it. So why is it to buy and original Picasso cost so much money? Why do his painting look like that, what does that have to do with the bible? Yochanan (John) 18:37-38 what is truth. Luke 13:1. Yochanan (John) 18:37-38. D’varim (Deut) 20:10-12 terms for peace before you go to war. Mishal (Proverbs) 16:1-2 I am responsible for me. Revelation 20:12-13 you will be judged according to what you have done. Galatians 3:10, Romans 4:15. Revelation 22:10-17 The real truth of Elohim. Mattiyahu (Mat) 5:6

THEME 2: THE REAL TRUTH OF ELOHIM SO YOU DON’T MAKE A PICASSO. Yochanan (John) 14:30-31 Do exactly what my Father wants. Vayikra (Lev) 23:1-39 the ten Kadosh mirqre do them exactly like Yeshua. Yochanan 14:31. Yochanan (John) 15:1-22 No excuse for sin. Vayikra (Lev) 19:27, 18, Yochanan 15:8, B’midbar (Num) 15:39  . Sh’mot (Ex) 34:1-7. Yochanan (John) 1 grace and truth Realized. Yochanan (John) 15:22, Revelation 20:12

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623 really letting the word touch you

SYNOPSIS: True healing and power from God comes when the person truly allows the word of God to come into their lives. It is not enough to say I am cover by His blood. For the talmid Kefa (Peter) the one Yeshua the Messiah entrusted the sheep to. Says we must grow up into deliverance. That means the first step to a long road to heaven is salvation in knowledge of Messiah Yeshua. Accepting Him as Messiah, but…the next part is allowing the word to truly touch you. And by Yeshua’s own words you have to act on them. In this teaching we are going to learn what Yeshua meant when He said being “well built”.

THEME 1: WELL BUILT.  We are not talking about the physical but the spiritual. For you can be blessed with good looks but Yehovah who blessed you with those looks says He looks at the heart. There are 4 things Kefa speaks about three are easy, it is the fourth that destroys most souls. 1 Kefa (Peter) 2:1-5 being built. 7 things. 1 – rid (to remove) 2 – malice (hatred or dislike) 3 – deceit (Lies)  4 – hypocrisy (saying one thing and doing another) 5 – Envy (coveting) 6 – all the way ( different looks, innuendoes ect) 7 – speaking (to tell of something). Luke 6:46-49 Well built  Luke 22:17-19 in memory of Me. D’varim (Deut) 8:10. D’varim 30:11-15 the two hand doctrine of truth. B’resheet (Gen) 4:17, 8:6 B’resheet (Gen) 4:6-7

THEME 2: THE WORD TOUCHES YOU AND YOU ARE CLEAN DO YOU STAY THAT WAY. Luke 7:1-10 He blessed Israel so the word and trust saved a servant of his. Luke 21:3. Vayikra (Lev) 19:16. Luke 7:11-15 the word can make the dead rise now what do you do with being born again. B’resheet (Gen) 1:28. Luke 7:36-50 she allowed the word to touch her and it made her cry. Luke 8:19-21 who is the family those who act on the word, not become actors. Sh’mot(Ex) 12:9, 20:8. Luke 8:27-39 you’re not ready for the mission field yet. Luke 8:41-47 Reaching out for the law of Yehovah makes you go from unclean to clean when you confess the truth

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SYNOPSIS: What was the purpose of Messiah Yeshua calling a little child to Himself? What is the incredible profound meaning behind the word converted in this passage of the Gospel. Today’s teaching is going to focus on three words that most people think they know the meaning of. The sad part is most people only know the secular worldly meaning behind reverence, respect and love. Today were going to gain great insight into the Hebrew biblical meaning of those three words. We are going to obtain great wisdom from “unless you change a become a little child”.

THEME 1: KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORD SHOULD BE ENJOYABLE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY AND FOR EACH PERSON. A fair amount of people are late for service they don’t here the Shofar sound even though we start at 11. Some people miss the entire worship all together. Some people come so late they even miss the news. What does this show to the congregation? What example does it show to your children? More important what does this show Yehovah and Yeshua? Mishal (prov) 2:10. Mattiyahu (Mat) 18:1-4 Bring little children. Mishlei (Prov) 8:27-36. Mishlei (Proverbs) 4:1-6. Mishlei (Prov) 7:1-27. Koholet (Ecc) 11:9-10.Tehillim (Psa) 32:8-11

THEME 2: FEAR IS JUST THE BEGINNING. Mishlei 1:7-10 just the beginning. Mishlei (Pro) 2:1-15

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621 wrestling with your faith

SYNOPSIS: Wrestling with our King is not something we should do. But 75% of people throughout all time will wrestle and loose. In today’s teaching we are going to look first at Yeshua words of chastisement. Yeshua the Messiah is not all about butterflies and rainbows He actually uses some very strong language. In most translations it has been dummied down because it might hurt some snowflakes feelings. I would rather have my feeling hurt and go to heaven then have someone lie and allow me to keep going on a path to hell. This message is about wrestling with God and where that get your life. Compared to yield to the truth so it can set you free.

THEME 1: WHY ARE THEY NOT GETTING IT. Why do most people just not understand the scriptures? It is because their stupid says Yeshua the Messiah. Yes my featherweight friends this is what Yeshua says in the original. When you look at the Greek for it is a much stronger language. This first theme will focus on the Gospel of Mattiyahu chapter 13. Wait till you see this lesson. Mattiyahu 13:10-15 the wrestle instead of just doing. D’varim 29:18-20 the professional wrestlers. Mattiyahu 7:22-23 the stubborn wrestler. Colossians 2:16

THEME 2: THE PATRIARCHS LIFE’S. 2 Good and 1 that was by his on words unsatisfied. B’resheet (Gen) 47:7-9 why does a child of the promise say this. B’resheet (Gen) 25:7-8 Satisfied. B’resheet (Gen) 35:28-29 full of years. B’resheet (Gen) 25:26 60 years old. B’resheet (Gen) 25:20-21 Yitz’chak prayer for 20 years. B’resheet (Gen) 12:4, B’resheet (Gen) 21:5

THEME 3: YA’AKOV’S LIFE. B’resheet (Gen) 25:21-28 Yehovah knows but does it have to turn out like this. B’resheet 25:29-34 coveting leads to how part of the plan would happen. B’resheet (Gen) 26:1-3 a famine on the land but Yehovah favors the family, learning to trust. B’resheet (Gen) 26:13-14 Yehovah prospers Yitz’chak’s family. B’resheet (Gen) 26:34-35 Esav takes two wives. B’resheet 27:1-24 now the prophecy will happened but it did not have to be this way. D’varim 6:6-7 the honor of teaching children. B’resheet (Gen) 28:10-12 The prodigal son is all alone in the dark. B’resheet (Gen) 28:20-21 who are you to put terms on the King. B’resheet (Gen) 29:18-19 7years I thought you were only staying a little while. B’resheet (Gen) 29:25-27 it comes back to you what you did. B’resheet (Gen) 32:6-7 does not trust in the promises given him. B’resheet (Gen) 32:22-23 middle of the night. B’resheet (Gen) 32:24-31 the wrestling with the word in your dark no repentive place. Have you become dull?

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620 Vows, Oaths, Promises

SYNOPSIS: A new king was crowned on January 20, 2017. If you don’t think so please listen to this teaching. Can you say over 1400? In this message we are going to look at what happened on Inauguration Day. How it lightly rained for just a few minutes. We are going to look at “If My people” do something. We are going to look at Oaths, Vows and more so promises. We are going to look at Ya’akov’s ladder and what importance it has to do with the oath of office. We are going to look at the righteous man that is next to the seat of power and how amazing that role is for the safety of the world.

THEME 1: WE WANT A KING. There are biblical rules given by Yehovah for raising up a king over the people. We are going to look at the rules Yehovah gives us. We are going to look also at a place lower then sh’eol. For we must remember to much is given much is required. D’varim (Deut) 17:14-20 we want a king. 19 kings of the northern kingdom Jehoboam to Hoshea 931-712 all bad. Kings of the southern kingdom 8 good 12 Bad from Rehoboam to Zedekiah 931 to 586. 2 Kefa (Peter) 2:4-5 there is a place lower then hell? Luke 16:22-25 what is Sh’eol like. Ezekiel 34:26-27 showers of blessing. B’resheet 41:42-44 the second in command blessed the children of Israel, blessed the world. Ester 9:2-5 the second in command protects the King and in turn the king raises him up

THEME 2: A PRAYER. 2 Chronicles 7:1-15 turn from their evil ways not His perfect Torah. Romans 11:15-20 Grafted into. Psalm 24:1-6 seek His face. Luke 22:41-42 the real Lord’s prayer. B’resheet (Gen) 25:20-21 LOFR Prayer is intersession for another in the role as leader

THEME 3: VOW. B’resheet 28:12-22 the vow has everything to do with work on the narrow ladder. B’midbar 30:2. Mattiyahu 5:34-37 let your yes stand!

THEME 4: OATHS. B’resheet (Gen) 14:18-23 the oath with hand raised 

THEME 5: PROMISE. B’midbar (Num) 23:19. Luke 23:39-43 The promise of eternal life if you finish the race and stay on the ladder

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SYNOPSIS: It is hard in many cases to think ahead. What does that mean? Everything that we do affects those around us and future generations. You may think Yehovah is real and some may not. This does matter to Yehovah for He is real. His blessings are real and His chastisement is real. In this lesson today we are going to learn about the 7 part lesson Rav Sha’ul imparting to Timothy about the need to follow Torah. For without it there a grave regrets he would have.

THEME 1: WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE BIBLE? Sha’ul teaching to his spiritual son Timothy. A Seven part lesson. 2Tim 3:1-17 What is the purpose of the bible? 1) all scripture 2) God breathed or in some translations inspired 3) Valuable 4) teaching the truth 5) convicting of sin 6) correcting faults 7) training for right living. Mishal (Proverb) 6:23-24 discipline so we have no regrets. Yochanan (John) 3:19-20 Evil hates the light. Ephesians 5:10-13 Have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness. 1 Sh’mu’el 15:22-23 surely obedience is of great value to Yehovah. For how can He trust someone who can’t be obedient to His valuable rules. Mishale (Prov) 15:10. Ezekiel 33:1-9 the eternal regret

THEME 2: REGRETS Mishal ( Proverbs) 23:29-32 Regrets. Proverbs 22:1-6. Mishal 16:1. Proverbs 23:29-32. Luke 12:42-46 the master comes at the time you are not expecting Him and there will be great regret

THEME 3: REGRETS AND THE SECOND COMMANDMENT. D’varim 5:7-10 don’t put you sin on your children. B’midbar 14:1-24 Forty years of regret. B’resheet (Gen) 31:36-41 These twenty years. B’resheet (Gen) 25:29-34 He sells it for soup. B’resheet (Gen) 27:1-30 this is why he had 20 years of problems

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SYNOPSIS: There is a very strange but incredible account in the Gospel of Yochanan chapter 9. Yeshua puts mud on the man’s eyes or did He put mud on the man’s eyes? This Shabbat teaching is going to take an in depth Hebraic look at Yochanan chapter 9. We are going to look at physical and spiritual blindness. We are going to look at truth being presented and truth not being received. We are going to look at an unproductive beggar being given eyes to see the truth. We are going to look at how he answers the question when asked what do you see know?

THEME 1: The lesson to come away with from this particular chapter of Yochanan (Jn) 9 is this. It is not enough to have anointed eyes to see. For the blessing does not truly come until you do what the word says, and also yield to that authority. 17 lessons. 1) 1-3 why did this happen 2) 4-5 the work of who sent Him and I am the light that makes things new 3) 6-7 the event that changes the young man’s life. Meeting with Yeshua and listening to the commandment 4) 8-9 blindness leads to begging 5)10-12 the first testimony of the miracle 6)13-14 why do they take him to the leaders. Miracles happen on Shabbat, truth is seen on Shabbat. (So it could produce instead of being a beggar) 7) 15-16 the second testimony. Leaders question Yeshua’s adherence to Shabbat 8) 17 He is a prophet (faith comes by hearing Sh’ma) 9) 18-20 bring the parents to see if he had been blind from birth 10) 21-23 more afraid of man then of Yehovah 11) 24-25 calling Yeshua a sinner under what guidelines are you saying this 12) 26-27 do you want me to testify again 13) 28-29 they say they follow Moshe but don’t know the Law 14) 30-32 doing the will of the Father one should be taught this from birth 15) 33-34 they call him a mamzer but you spoke to his parents. So how can you be a leader if you don’t know truth 16) 35-38 Yeshua introduces Himself to the once blind Jew who now has been shown the light 17) 39-41 the judge has spoken.

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617 How did it get like this?

SYNOPSIS: There is a plan at work that was set up well over 2000 years ago. What happened on December 23 started the prophetic ball rolling down the 70 foot hill. There are events happening over the past 8 days that defy logic. Anyone who can look at the events objectively would say what are these people doing? This message and prophetic teaching is going to go between The perfect word of Yehovah and the many prophetic news articles form the past 8 days. We are going to look deep in the 21 days of Daniel and what prophetic event is going to happen on January 15th. Don’t fall asleep, don’t go to the bathroom, get your notebook ready, and stay tuned for the next few hours so you can understand what is coming and…how did it get like this.

THEME 1: THE 21 DAYS. We are going to start the teaching off with trying to comprehend the meaning behind the 21 days. What enormous power the demons really do have. Powers that can stop another angel of goodness from coming to a servant of Elohim. This theme will go back and forth between the word and the prophetic news form this week. Zechariah 12:2-3 A cup of trembling for the end of days. Daniel 10:12-14 21 days. Daniel 1:1-2 Laid siege

THEME 2: A REAL LOOK AT THE GOYIM AND THERE RAGE. Psalm 2:1-12 why are the nations grumbling. Section 1 is verses 1-3 the Goyim rage against His anointed. Section 2 verse 4-5 He laughs at these silly little children. Section 3 V6 His proclamation. Section 4 V7-9the nations given to His anointed to crush them. Section 5 V10-12 be wise, serve, kiss of pay the price. Ezekiel 8:1-14 70 disgusting leaders. Yochanan 16:18-22 in a little while 

THEME 3: HOW DID WE GET LIKE THIS. Truth might hurt but it is better to know now then to find out later. Mattiyahu 24:10-13 so cold. B’midbar (Num) 25:1-13 The spark the ignites the flame and Yehovah loves it





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