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367 Eagles Wings
Exo 19:3 Moshe went up to God, and Adonai called to him from the mountain: "Here is what you are to say to the household of Ya`akov, to tell the people of Isra'el:
Exo 19:4 'You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I carried you on eagles' wings and brought you to myself.

What do you know about eagles? Does it say in the Scriptures that the Lord will renew your strength like the eagles, and that he carries us on the mighty wings of eagles? What must you do to soar on the eagles’ wings of God? Did you know that there are many countries and former empires that use and used the eagle? The United States has adopted the North American Bald Eagle. The Seljuk Turks and Ottoman Turks used- a double-headed eagle as coats-of-arms. Serbia/Montenegro- The Two-headed eagle is the emblem of Serbia, Montenegro. Spain. The "Catholic Kings", Isabella and Ferdinand- used the Golden Eagle as a part of the royal shield. Germany and Prussia- have used a black eagle as their national symbol. The Roman Empire Charlemagne and Holy Roman Empire. After his crowning as the new Roman Emperor, Charlemagne adopted the ancient Roman eagle as his own symbol. All these empires are gone today except the USA. Moreover, the USA is in serious need of repair. The question raised in this message is why did God choose to use the eagle as a reference for our redemption? What are the characteristics of an eagle and why do we need them in our lives today. Did you know the eagle only mates once for life? Listen or watch this message, as the mystery of the eagle’s wing is explored through Biblical lenses.



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