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303 Follow the trail
Pro 23:15 My son, if your heart is wise, then my own heart too is glad;
Pro 23:16 my inmost being rejoices when your lips say what is right.
Pro 23:17 Don't envy sinners, but follow the example of those who always fear God;
Pro 23:18 for then you will have a future; what you hope for will not be cut off.
Pro 23:19 You, my son: listen, be wise, and set your mind on the right way.

Imagine yourself in a forest that you have never been in before. You are in the middle of that forest with no food, heavy coat, supplies to make a shelter or even a compass. There is evil lurking all around as you hear the wolves howling. The animals are hungry!!! In your hands you have a map with the correct simple path to safety but it is written in Hebrew. It is not a map with pictures but totally with words only as directions. And now it is getting dark and beginning to rain. The temperature is supposed to be going down to 20 degrees on this night. This is the way most of the so-called follow of jesus are. They have a map “Bible” in there hands. They fail to follow the directions of the Father who only wants His children to be wise and set their minds on the right way. Then they could easily read the map. In this message “Follow the trail” you will see beyond a shadow of a doubt how if you don’t have a foundation and obedience to the whole of the bible you are lost in the forest without a map or guide. Also see how God’s Holy Days place a role in a true new birth.


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