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HB006 Yom Kippur 2011 I enter the Holy of Holies
Exo 26:33 Hang the curtain below the fasteners. Then bring the ark for the testimony inside the curtain; the curtain will be the divider for you between the Holy Place and the Especially Holy Place.
Exo 26:34 You are to put the ark-cover on the ark for the testimony in the Especially Holy Place.

From the time Yehovah set the captives free from Egypt He has always desired a close relationship with His creation. Yehovah gave us a tabernacle during our journey in the desert. A place that was supposed to be Holy. In this holy place called a Mishkan “Tabernacle” there was an especially holy place called the Holy of Holies. This place the Cohen HaGadol would only be allowed to go into once a year to meet with Adonai face to face. It is a place that we are to be intimate with Him. Rav. Sha’ul “Paul” speaks about this yearly event when the Cohen HaGadol would meet with Yehovah face to face in 1 Corinthians. What does this commemorative Holy Day of Yom Kippur mean for us today? Why does Yeshua say we should remember this day and we should commemorate it each year.
Exo 21:30 However, a ransom may be imposed on him; and the death penalty will be commuted if he pays the amount imposed.
In the Torah of Adonai there is a law here that if the price was paid for bad behavior then the death sentence would be considered paid? So you mean to tell me if a man had a death sentence on him because he failed to follow the rules of Torah, if the price was paid then the death sentence would not happen? You mean to tell me another living been could die for my sins? Learn all about this and more in this Yom Kippur Holy Day message.


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