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P230 The 613 Commandments with Brit Hadasha (NT) Part 16

 1 of 34 Yehovah

2 of 34 Torah

3 of 34 Signs and Symbols

4 of 34 Prayer and Blessings

5 of 34 Love and Brotherhood

6 of 34 The Poor and Unfortunate

7 of 34 Treatment of Gentiles

8 of 34 Marriage, Divorce and Family

9 of 34 Forbidden Sexual Relations

10 of 34 Times and Seasons

11 of 34 Dietary Laws

12 of 34 Business Practices

13 of 34 Employees, Servants and Slaves - wages

14 of 34 Vows, Oaths and Swearing

15 of 34 The Sabbatical and Jubilee Years

16 of 34 The Court and Judicial Procedure


Some people have called me legalistic. I say to them tell that to the police officer after he pulls you over for speeding. But you know something; being called legalistic is an honor. For the word of God is perfect. There are no errors in it. The word is timeless and is applicable in our lives today. So if that makes me legalistic for teaching we should keep the Perfect Commandments of Yehovah then AMEIN!!! Thanks for calling me legalistic for I am a son of the commandments and I follow the word known as Yeshua the Messiah.

The Torah is broken down into 34 different groups of Laws “Teachings”. In this series of 1 hour teachings we will be going over the 613 Mitzvah (Commandments) each in its own category. What this series will also do is show where these laws are found in the Brit HaDasha (NT). The word is truly amazing if you love God. For Yeshua said in Yochanan 14:15 If you love me you will keep my commandments.


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