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371 Willing
Is saying that you love Messiah and believe in Messiah enough to get you a seat in heaven? The Adversary satan also believes in Messiah. So more than talk is required! In Psalm 51-10 David asked Yehovah to create in him a clean heart and to renew in him a resolute spirit. What does a resolute spirit mean. The word in Hebrew for resolute is kun which means firm, stable, established. David wanted to be firm on the things of Yehovah. He wanted a willing heart. He was asking Yehovah to place in him a willingness to be a good child of the Lord. The only thing that’s firm and does not change is the word of Yehovah. The Word of Yehovah tells us that to be part of Messiah we need to come to HIM with clean hands and feet. In Exodus 30: 19-31 we note that Aharon and his sons were to wash their hands and feet before entering the tent of meeting, the Holy Place, in the tabernacle. When Messiah Yeshua washed the feet of His Talmidim it is erroneously thought that He was doing this out of humility. His action had absolutely nothing to do with humility. Messiah knew that his time had come to give his life as a ransom for everybody. He was now making His Talmidim like their Rabbi by washing their feet. He was elevating his Talmidim (students) to be Cohanim, priests, because he was no longer going to be with them. He again reminded them of their role as Cohanim when he showed them his hands and his feet, recorded at Luke 24:28-40.
So how do we get a seat in heaven? James 4: 1-9 tells us we have to submit to Yehovah. The only way we can take a stand against Ha Satan and have him flee from us is to submit to Yehovah, come close to Him, clean our hands and purify our hearts. We must be noble to Messiah our King 100% of the time. We ask Adonai like Moshe did at Exodus 33: 13 – 14, “Show me your ways that I may make you happy.” If we follow HIS ways, his commandments we will never be ensnared by the Satan. Adonai is looking for those who are willing, who are noble. He needs our heart…



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