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359 The Daily Bread
Deu 17:18 "When he has come to occupy the throne of his kingdom, he is to write a copy of this Torah for himself in a scroll, from the one the cohanim and L'vi'im use.
Deu 17:19 It is to remain with him, and he is to read in it every day, as long as he lives; so that he will learn to fear Adonai his God and keep all the words of this Torah and these laws and obey them;
This is not a message about the presidential candidates. This message is about we Yehovah’s people. It is a message about our spiritual diet. How some people might think Twinkies are a nutritious food? The message is about are you feeding from His daily bread each and every day?
Not just the Sh’ma but reading and understanding about your beloved every day. The people who get elevated to leadership status in the eyes of Adonai before they take office are to write for themselves a copy of the Torah. They are to write every word down for themselve
s. Imagine if the world’s leaders had to do this, do you think we would be in this mess as we are today? Why would the King of Kings tell the leader to do this? See how this passage and the Messiah feeding the 5000 are linked together. That will then lead to a discussion how those to scriptures go together with the manna from heaven in Sh’mot (Exodus).



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