293 Do you trust in HIS word

Isa 30:9 For this is a rebellious people; they are lying children, children who refuse to hear the Torah of Adonai.
Isa 30:10 They say to the seers, "Do not see!" to those who have visions, "Do not tell us the visions you have as they really are; but flatter us, fabricate illusions!

This warning is for the people of Adonai. The people who say they are called by His name said then, and today we really don’t want the truth. We like the fun part of being forgiven of our sins. We like the nice part about all those things in the past being deleted from our spiritual account. But we don’t want to really change our hearts from the things of this world to the things that Yeshua Himself did. In verse 10 Yeshayahu tells us how the people like to be lied to. They don’t really want to know the truth, and that is satan’s greatest illusion. There are two forces going on in the world today, those that are seen and those that are unseen. Those that are true to His word and those that mimic His word. The changes are subtle and for many hard to discern. The reason is they have been taught by so-called preachers that are really clueless. Learn the keys to the real deception of poorly taught preachers that are leading you into satan’s hands and to hell.




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