HB001B The 10th of Nissan “The Lamb’s Narrow Path”

Mat 7:13  "Go in through the narrow gate; for the gate that leads to destruction is wide and the road broad, and many travel it; Mat 7:14  but it is a narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

In order to leave bondage, the concept of freedom must burn within us. In order to leave the bondage of sin and freedom in the world we must desire to have Adonai’s order in our lives. One most leave the broad road and follow a narrow path. For the gate is wide but road is narrow says Messiah. Lambs graze in a flock, faithfully following the shepherd. Being a follower is sometimes a mature choice, not a passive failure. The Jewish people made the choice to follow God, and not our own will as a people. In Egypt, as we seesawed between the twin forces of assimilation and slavery. We came to realize that relying on people’s acceptance for our self-definition was national suicide. We cried out to heaven and when the deliverer came we chose to follow Adonai’s servant. We also came to realize that no amount of autonomous political action would bring us the spiritual freedom we craved. We finally humbled ourselves to acknowledge that the only possible way we'd ever get out of Egypt would be by God's mercy. Today is the tenth day of the month of Nissan the day Adonai told us to make a choice bring the lamb home or perish. This is also the day the Messiah Yeshua chose to ride in to His Holy City Jerusalem. It was a narrow path in to that city. The question is are you one that wants to know that narrow path into Adonai Holy City?



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