Sukkot 2010 the 8th Day the ingathering of the nations from Beth Goyim on Vimeo.

HB008B On the eighth day a holy convocation Hoshiana Rabbah the Final gathering in

Deu 16:16  "Three times a year all your men are to appear in the presence of Adonai your God in the place which he will choose - at the festival of matzah, at the festival of Shavu`ot and at the festival of Sukkot. They are not to show up before Adonai empty-handed,

Deu 16:17  but every man is to give what he can, in accordance with the blessing Adonai your God has given you.

Three times a year we are all to appear before our King. In the place He chooses for us to be at.

Now Adonai foreknew when He wrote this scripture that He would scatter His chosen people to the four corner of the globe. That travel by boat from America would take months in the 1700’s. So why did He write these words? At one time we would were speaking the perfect language Hebrew (TORAH was given in Hebrew, Torah is perfect therefore Hebrew is also). But now those chosen people not only speak Hebrew but English, Spanish and many other languages. So when we get together on this commanded day it is like an incredible tapestry of people. Different shades of skin color, different looks to people. But if we are here then it must mean that we are all praising the same King. Learn about why Yeshua said whoever is thirsty was on the 8th day of Sukkot. Understand what part of the temple Yeshua was in when they brought the supposed adulterous woman to Him. Understand why this happened on the 8th day of Sukkot and what it means for us today.



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