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Statement of Faith for Beth Goyim Messianic Congregation


And you shall call His name Yeshua; for He shall save His people from their sins. Mattityahu / Matthew 1:21.

The Name of the Jewish Messiah is Yeshua, and its meaning comes from the Hebrew root, yasha, meaning “to save.” That is why He was named Yeshua, because He will “save” His people from their sins (Mattityahu / Matthew 1:21). Thus, Yeshua means “salvation.” The correct Name for our Rabbi, Yeshua in  Hebrew is Yeshua. It is a name that is well-attested to in literary sources (see for example the Jewish Encyclopedia).

The importance of the individual’s name in Jewish tradition is also repeatedly illustrated in the bible: The implications seen in the change of names from Avram to Avraham, from Ya’acov (Jacob) to Israel, etc. A name sums up an individual’s life work. A name is so important in the Hebrew Bible that on each day of creation, God said “Let there be…”, and by uttering the name of the object, it came into being: light, grass, the sun and the stars, animals and human beings. And what did Adam do on the first day of his creation? He was busy assigning names to the animals.


Yeshua HaMashiach is the Name that all the sh’lichim (emissaries / apostles) would have known him by and what his mother would have called him when he was late for supper. He never heard Jesus.

This understanding, that Yeshua is a contraction of Yehoshua which means, God is Saviour. When the Messiah came to this earth ‘the Father sent his angel to declare the Messiah’s Name, ‘Yeshua’ (Mattityahu 1:21). Since Yeshua means ‘Salvation of God, we can now understand what the Messiah meant when he said, ‘I am come in My Father’s Name’; and what the Father meant when he said, My Name is in him.

Mishle / Proberbs 30:4 ‘MaShemo’ What is his Name, and what is his son’s Name, if thou knowest? This refers to the Name of the Holy Messiah! Yeshua HaMashiach!


A name in Judaism

In Judaism names are inextricably linked to the individual’s spiritual identity, not only through life, but also after death and were considered an alter ego of the individual (they have a prophetic value), one’s name has always been considered to be extremely important. In Biblical time’s individual names were given with an express purpose to describe an individual’s hoped destiny or characteristics. King David named his son Shlomo (from shalom, peace) because he hoped he would transmit to him a kingdom in peace.

As odd as it may seem, the name ‘Jesus’, is a relatively new invention, only a few hundred years old, that was created by multiple translations and stylistic changes to the original name. (All vain speculations!)


The Name of the one born in the Jewish city of Beth-Lechem to Miriam (not Mary) and to Yosef (Joseph) about 2000 years ago was written as Yeshua in Aramaic. The transliteration of the Aramaic Yeshua into English has been written as Jeshua or Joshua (see Ezra 5:2). In Hebrew, the same name is written as Yehoshua which means the same as Yeshua, God is salvation, or God saves. By the way, there is no name ‘Yahshua’ in Hebrew or Aramaic (that name is made up from nothing). In the Aramaic and Hebrew portions of the Good News of Mashiach the name is Yeshua.


The really odd changes to His Name all began with translation into non-Semitic languages. When the name Yeshua was translated into Greek, the translators were first faced with the task of deciding whether they should translate the Name phonetically to try to keep the sound the same, or whether they should translate the name according to its meaning. They chose to use the phonetic approach so that the sound of the name would be preserved, even though the meaning of the name would be lost in the phonetic translation. Unfortunately, the Greek language lacks some of the sounds used in Aramaic or Hebrew. And to further complicate the issue, all Greek masculine names must end with the letter “s”. Later on with the Translation of the Bible, the Name Yeshua was gradually changed to the Name Jesus…. quite a totally different sounding Name (plus Jesus does not mean anything in any language, losing the godly intention given by the angel by the command of HaShem to Miriam His mother.)


There are many Yeshua’s that we read about in the Biblical text and many are confused with the Yeshua who is the long promised Messiah. The name Yeshua appears 29 times in the Hebrew Scriptures. Yehoshua (Joshua) of Nun is called Yeshua in Nechemyah (Nehemiah) 8:17. Yeshua is the name of the Cohen HaGadol (the high priest) in the time of Zerubavel in Ezra 3:2. It is the name of a Levite under King Hizkiyah (Hezekiah) in Divrei HaYamim bet / 2 Chronicles 31:15. There is even a city called Yeshua in the Negev of Yehudah in Nechemyah 11:26. There are 7 other Yeshua’s in the Brit Chadashah (NT). There is Elymas bar Yeshua in Acts 13:6. There is an ancestor of Yeshua HaMashiach: the son of Eliezar, the father of Er in Luke 3:29. In Rav Shaul’s letter to the Colossians in chapter 4, verse 11, there is a Justus called Yeshua a fellow worker of Shaul. Josephus, the famous Jewish historian mentions 20 different Yeshua’s, 10 of which are contemporary with Yeshua HaMashiach. All together, at least 50 Yeshua’s from his time plus about 9 in the hebrew scriptures have been revealed from Biblical text and other literary sources.


For us, as a Messianic Jewish believers, this name issue is significant because history has taken our holy Rabbi, Yeshua’s Jewish identity so far away from truth that most Jewish people see him as the ‘Gentile god’ and therefore miss the fact that he is their promised Messiah.


It is time to come back the Jewish Roots of King Messiah Yeshua! He is NOT coming back Catholic, Protestant, Assembly of God, evangelical, Pentecostal or any of the 1200 different forms of Christianity you know’.







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